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How to Setup Chromecast for Windows 10 PC or Laptop

Chromecast can not just connect your Android smartphone to your TV but you can also set up Chromecast for Windows 10 PC or Laptop to easily cast videos, movies, etc playing on your computer to your TV. While there is another option – Miracast which lets you connect your Laptop to your computer over WiFi

How to Fix or Solve “Your connection is not Private” Error in Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers being used and there are certain Errors which are being faced by users such as – “Your Connection is not private“. The causes of this Error can be many and we first need to understand what the real cause of the problem is and decide on

How to Reopen Closed Tabs in Google Chrome for Android Mobile and PC

Google Chrome is one of the most used Internet Browsers used both in Mobiles (Android) and Desktops alike. Google Chrome for Desktop or Windows always had the feature to reopen any recently closed tab either by mistake or on purpose, the same feature was lacking in the Google Chrome Browser for your Android Smartphone. But

How to Stop or Disable Suggested articles in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used browser in both PC’s, laptops and smartphones alike and a new tab on Google chrome was earlier a blank canvas with just the Google Search bar displayed on it. But recently Google has started showing up Recently visited websites shortcuts and Recommended articles below the Search bar in the

How to Fix or Solve File Download Errors in Google Chrome Browser

With the increase in Online usage, the number of errors being faced with browsers has also increased substantially, one of the most used Browsers is Google Chrome and there are many users who have complained about facing Errors while downloading any files using the browser. “File Download Errors” has become a regularly faced problem by

How to get Chat heads for Facebook on Google Chrome

Facebook had released the floating chat heads option for their messenger app in Android and iOS run devices last year. The floating chat heads were really useful as they show up when a new message is received with the users profile picture. Chat heads let you view and reply to the messages received without leaving

How to Fix or Solve Error Dns-Probe-Finished-NxDomain in Google Chrome

Google Chrome users might be facing many Errors but this is one of the commonest Errors which many Chrome users have faced while opening a particular website. The Error which we are talking about is DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Error which can be seen while opening only a particular website and all other websites open without any problem. And

How to check and control / decrease Memory usage in Google Chrome to prevent lag

Google Chrome being the most widely used Web based browser has its positives and negatives and one such thing is the need of lots of Memory which will slowly decrease the speed of your Google Chrome browser and lead to lagging of your browser. Most of us would have faced this when many tabs are

How to Solve / Fix Error 105 in Google Chrome

Error 105 is a common error which many users are facing while accessing a URL through Google Chrome. But let us know first what exactly is Error 105 so that you can get an idea of how we are able to solve this error. Error 105 is Google Chrome is a DNS Resolution Error which

How to Solve / Fix / Clear Error Code 138 in Google Chrome Browser

Error 138 in Google Chrome is another common Error which many users are facing while trying to access a website, this error can occur to a certain website or will be seen appearing while trying to access all websites. I faced this error while accessing and this gave me a big headache trying to