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How to Block or Restrict Specific Website on iPhone and iPad Safari Browser

In your Apple iPhone 4, 4S, 5C and 5s and iPad you can control which websites you want to restrict from being displayed in your Browser. This can be helpful in controlling the use of certain websites which your children might be using from your iPhone or iPad. You have to option to restrict or

How to Disable Cropping of Picture in Instagram in Android Windows and iPhone devices

In Instagram there is a very bad feature which will not let you upload your complete photo in Instagram like portrait or landscape mode photos. In Instagram you can only upload photos in square so if you want to upload any landscape or portrait in instagram you have to crop it into a square and

How to turn or use your own face as Emoticons or Smileys – Apple iPhone

Emoticons have always been a way to show what you feel to the other person you are chatting with and this trick which I am going to show you will be taking this to a whole new level. You can now express yourself in your chat messages with your own expressions. Smiley’s are now going

How to change Whatsapp background wallpaper for chat window in iPhone, Windows and Android

WhatsApp is the primary mode of communication these days between young and old people alike with many types of groups and chat being available with the option of sharing photos, videos.. etc with everyone is making it the largest chatting platform in the world. So to make your chatting experience more personalized you have the

How to Stop Auto Download of Images and Videos in Whats App

Here is a tutorial to help you Stop Auto Download Images to your Device when you open and view an Image or photo in Whats App. The Messaging Platform which is having 450 Million users is the biggest platform for interaction which has been recently bought by Facebook for a staggering $ 19 Billion. which

Apple iPhone 5c and 5s offered Free on 2 year contract by RCom and Apple

Apple is trying to bring in the latest iPhone models into India based on Contract basis tying up with Reliance Communications (RCom). RCom will be giving iPhones for Free with a 2-year contract which will be tied up with Banks like ICICI and HDFC. This is the first time Subsidy is being implemented into the