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How to unlock iPhone by not pressing the Home Button in iOS 10

Apple has introduced changes to the unlock process for Touch ID users in their latest iOS 10. Many of the users prefer the old way of unlocking. Till now, to unlock the iPhone or iPad with Touch ID, all we need to do is to rest our finger on the Home Button. The change made

How to Download and Install Pokemon Go in iOS and Android

Ever since the Pokemon Go app has been launched, it has caught on like wildfire after being released in select countries like US, Australia, New Zealand etc on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users. If you are not from the countries in which the App has been officially released,

How to Fix Black and White Screen Issue in iPhone

It is well known that Apple iPhone is not as prone to Errors and Issues as we can see in the Android Ecosystem. But there are some issues which might arise in any variant of the iPhone. We have covered extensively the various Errors and their respective fixes when it comes to Android OS and

How to Hide Notifications Content from Android and iPhone Lock Screen

When we are working in an office or when we are at home we have our phone on the table in our reach while working. It’s very easy to have a glance at the notifications directly from the lock screen. With the notifications showing part of the WhatsApp messages, emails etc can be seen on the

How to type Bold, Italics and Strike through in WhatsApp on iPhone

Everyone has started to use WhatsApp, as it has become the primary mode of communication. Now WhatsApp has included more features to iPhone App like typing the text in Bold, Italics and strikethrough text message. This feature is also very simple to use like other features of the app. These features help in highlighting any text which

How to take / capture screenshots in Apple watch

Apple watch has been a run out success for the company, as their first wearable device. It mainly comes with special features like Apple pay, digital crown on its side which looks like a knob at the right and acts like a sleep/wake button as well, pressing it navigates you to the home screen. It

How to Schedule messages in WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp is the top Instant Messaging App currently and the user base is growing at an exponential pace with the number crossing 1 billion users monthly. The user friendly features and the interface are what make WhatsApp so popular. There are many useful and handy features which make it the most desirable Instant Messaging App

How to Pair or Connect Apple Watch with iPhone

With the Apple Watch being sold out and becoming an outright success there might be many users who would be struggling to pair your Apple watch to an iPhone. One thing to remember is that the Apple Watch can be paired only with iPhone 5 or later (5s, 6, and 6 plus). This method can

How to get Unlimited Free Lives in Candy Crush Soda in Apple iPhone and Android devices

Candy Crush Soda is gaining popularity which is based on Candy Crush saga and if you are worried about bothering your Facebook friends every time you want a life or even end up paying for them, then worry not because with this trick you can get unlimited lives. The game is easy in the beginning

How to check if someone or any contact read your message in Whats app Groups:

With the inclusion of the Blue tick marks in Whats App which lets the sender know if his/her message is read by the other person has been getting positive and negative reviews alike. We can see the Blue tick marks if you are sending to a single person but if you want to check who