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How to Delete App Data and Documents on iPhone and iPad to free up storage space

With Apple iPhone and iPad devices coming with limited Storage space without the option to expand storage many times we face the problem of ending up filling up all our Storage space and face the Error Message – “Storage Almost Full“. We checked the Storage space of iPhone and iPad and were surprised to see

How to Fix iMessage Not Working in iPhone

One of the major advantages of using an iPhone is iMessage which allows you to send free Messages to anyone from your iPhone. As with every other application, there have been problems with iMessage as well when it stops working on your iPhone which can be due to multiple reasons. If you are facing this

How to Disable Face ID in Apple iPhone X (Tutorial)

Apple has launched their latest smartphone, the iPhone X on their 10th anniversary alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. With the iPhone X Apple has gone a step ahead and has removed the Fingerprint sensor all together replacing it with Face ID as the new security feature. Apple is reluctant to place the

How to Permanently Delete your Snapchat account and How to reactivate it on Android and iPhone

Snapchat is one of the most unique social networking sites on the internet which allows users to share messages, pictures, and videos on a temporary basis and not let them stick around on the world wide web for anyone to see at a point of time. This has attracted many users to this application and

How to Activate or Enable Do Not Disturb for Specific Contacts on iPhone

In this technology driven world, privacy has become a difficult thing to get and one thing which is annoying is getting calls at the wrong time, such as when you are waiting for an important call or are in a meeting. We can always put our phone in Silent or Do Not Disturb mode, but

How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background after Locking your Phone screen

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and the most viewed Video platforms in the world with a variety of categories of videos available and the content is ever increasing. One feature which was created for the benefit of users – Video getting paused when the screen is locked or changing the tab.

How to change trackpad scroll direction in Apple Mac – Mac OS

With Windows having the major share of PC or Laptop OS most of the Mac users have been migrated from Windows PC and apart from the major changes in the OS one of the most important and most used difference is the scrolling direction of the Trackpad in Mac OS which is opposite to that

How to Delete Documents and Data in Apps for iPhone and iPad to free up storage space

The most common problem many iPhone users face is lack of storage space which prevents users from installing new apps or taking videos and photos or even facing problem while updating apps. This problem is due to the data which is accumulated by every App as you use it, this is called as Cache and

How to make Videos Calls on WhatsApp – Step by Step Guide

With WhatsApp finally rolling out the Video calling feature to all its users across all platforms – iOS, Android and Windows platform after the much used Audio calling option launched earlier we can now contact all our near and dear ones directly on WhatsApp with the help of Video calling. The WhatsApp Video calling option

How to chat in Private or Incognito in Google Allo App – Set expiry time to messages

Google Allo is the latest entry into the Instant Messaging App scene which is being lead by WhatsApp having more than 1 billion users and with competition like Hike, Line, Wechat, Weibo etc the new IM app by Google is quite equipped to take on the competition with features like Google Assistant a virtual assistant