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How to Save or Download WhatsApp Voice Messages on iPhone

WhatsApp is the number one messaging App used in the world at the moment with more than 2 billion active users which is quite a huge number. With WhatsApp gaining in popularity due to its multiple features like messaging, sharing images, videos, voice messages, audio files, video files, etc. For Android users, Voice Messages are

How to Check Apple AirTag Battery life on iPhone

Apple has launched a new product recently, the Apple AirTag which acts as a tracking device for your everyday things like keys, bag, wallet, dog/cat, etc. This device helps you track or locate any thing or accessory with the help of your iPhone when you have misplaced or lost it. Unlike your smartphone of SmartWatch,

How to Clear RAM on iPhone or iPad to improve performance

Are you facing slowing of your iPhone, it can be due to low RAM space left, here is a way to clear RAM on your iPhone or iPad to improve the performance of your iPhone or iPad. Increasing RAM space helps in clearing memory to help load apps faster. RAM management is hardly an issue

How to Use Translate App in Offline mode on iPhone or iPad

We can use the Translate App without Internet connection in Offline mode after the latest iOS 14 update for iPhone and iPad

How to Fix “Reminders Not Working” on iPhones or iPad

Reminder App is one of the most Essential apps in iOS Ecosystem for iPhone or iPad, recently users have been facing and Error – “Reminders not working” while using the App. With the Reminders App you can set alerts, create reminders, add tasks, add time and location tasks as well. It even lets you share

How to Fix WhatsApp Notifications not working on iPhone

WhatsApp is the leading Social networking app across all platforms, recently some users have started complaining of WhatsApp Notifications not working on iPhone. The reason for Notifications not showing up on your iPhone can be many and let us look at all the reasons and how you can fix it. Users will not be receiving

How to Connect Chromecast to Mac – MacBook, Mac Mini or iMac

Google Chromecast lets you stream media (Videos, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, etc.) from your Mac to larger TV easily. You can stream Media such as photos etc., from your Mac Desktop or Video sharing websites to your TV. Chromecast is cheap and compact which lets you connect your Television from your Phone or tablet

How to Delete iPhone Backups from iMac and Macbook

In general Macbooks and iMacs come with limited SSD storage space which can be quite bothersome in some cases when you need to store more data on your Laptop or iMac. To free up some valuable space you can delete your iPhone backup files which usually take up a lot of space in your Macbook

How to Record Zoom Video Meeting on your smartphone

Zoom has turned out to be one of the most used Video Conferencing platforms used across the world for official purposes. The number of users of Zoom has shot up due to the recent Coronacirus outbreak which has made Work From Home a must for all Software companies across the world. Zoom is available across

How to Unzip and Zip Files or Folders in iPhone

If you want to transfer large files to or from your iPhone to other devices, the best way to do is to either Zip or Unzip the files to make the transfer faster and easier. Compressing the files reduces the size of files easily. With the latest iOS 13 both iPhone and iPad now support