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How to Check Apple AirTag Battery life on iPhone

Apple has launched a new product recently, the Apple AirTag which acts as a tracking device for your everyday things like keys, bag, wallet, dog/cat, etc. This device helps you track or locate any thing or accessory with the help of your iPhone when you have misplaced or lost it. Unlike your smartphone of SmartWatch,

How to Set or Change YouTube Default Video Playback Quality

YouTube consumption is one of the highest in todays world, right from little kids seeing children’s videos to cooking videos for adults, fashion, travelling, Devotional, etc. Video Content consumes up a lot of data and if you have set your Default Video Quality setting to High, then be prepared for finishing up your data fast.

How to Stop Automatic Sample Submission in Windows Security

In Windows 10 Microsoft has included an in-built Antivirus tool which is known to send samples of suspicious files from your Laptop or PC. The tool is called Windows Security or Windows Defender and it is automatically set to send samples of suspicious files to their servers which help Microsoft to update themselves about new

How to Clear Google Play Store Cache and Data in Xiaomi, POCO, Redmi devices running MIUI 11 or later

Most of the Errors which are faced in Android devices are mostly due to Google Play Store Cache or Data being either corrupt or incompatible with the latest OS version or Apps. So fix most Android Errors we ask users to try to clear cache of Google Play Store App which mostly fixes the Error

How to Always Mute Chats in WhatsApp Permanently for Android and iOS

WhatsApp has updated their Mute option with a new settings giving you the option to permanently or Always mute notifications for a user or Group. It has termed the new update as “Always” mute chat feature. Earlier there used to be three time frames for which you could mute any user or Group you are

How to Clear RAM on iPhone or iPad to improve performance

Are you facing slowing of your iPhone, it can be due to low RAM space left, here is a way to clear RAM on your iPhone or iPad to improve the performance of your iPhone or iPad. Increasing RAM space helps in clearing memory to help load apps faster. RAM management is hardly an issue

How to Use Translate App in Offline mode on iPhone or iPad

We can use the Translate App without Internet connection in Offline mode after the latest iOS 14 update for iPhone and iPad

How to Fix “Reminders Not Working” on iPhones or iPad

Reminder App is one of the most Essential apps in iOS Ecosystem for iPhone or iPad, recently users have been facing and Error – “Reminders not working” while using the App. With the Reminders App you can set alerts, create reminders, add tasks, add time and location tasks as well. It even lets you share

How to disable swipe up to open Google Assistant or Mi Browser in Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi smartphones after being updated to MIUI 10 has got a new annoying feature according to some users – On swiping up from the bottom of the screen, Google Assistant / Search or MIUI browser is opening up. This option was available on Long pressing the Home button, but now has been given on swiping

How to Duplicate or Clone Apps in OnePlus Smartphones

OnePlus comes with its much famed OxygenOS and as all latest Android smartphones comes with a feature to Duplicate or Clone Apps using a feature called Parallel Apps. This feature lets you create a second account of an already installed app to let you login from two accounts at the same time. This is particularly