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How to pin a website to Windows 10 start menu

Redesigned start menu is one of the major changes in Windows 10. Microsoft has made changes to the start menu with a lot of suggestions and complaints from users of windows 8.1 with the missing Windows button did not go well with users. And now Windows 10 comes with the start menu of windows 7 having

How to unlock iPhone by not pressing the Home Button in iOS 10

Apple has introduced changes to the unlock process for Touch ID users in their latest iOS 10. Many of the users prefer the old way of unlocking. Till now, to unlock the iPhone or iPad with Touch ID, all we need to do is to rest our finger on the Home Button. The change made

MIUI 8 – New Features and List of Supported Devices

Xiaomi has recently unveiled their latest MIUI 8 at an event held in Beijing earlier last month. MIUI is the custom ROM from Xiaomi. MIUI 8 is the latest update of the ROM and is now available for lot of devices in Beta. MIUI 8 comes with a lot of new features and improvements over

How to charge your Smartphone even when Laptop lid is closed(Sleep mode)

We might probably be running out of power on our smartphone twice everyday and with no plug or power bank in sight to charge you smartphone we can use a USB cable connected to the laptop to get our smartphone charged. The charging is very low from a USB device compared to the normal power

How to pin a Website to Windows 10 Start Menu

The inclusion of a Redesigned start menu is one of the major changes which we have seen in Windows 10. Microsoft has taken a lot of suggestions and complaints from users of Windows 8.1 into consideration and has made changes to the start menu. And now Windows 10 gets the start menu of Windows 7

How to Hide Notifications Content from Android and iPhone Lock Screen

When we are working in an office or when we are at home we have our phone on the table in our reach while working. It’s very easy to have a glance at the notifications directly from the lock screen. With the notifications showing part of the WhatsApp messages, emails etc can be seen on the

How to set Google Search Bar on Home Screen in Xiaomi Smart phones.

Google Search has become an integral part of our everyday life, from searching for any news to knowing about the disease which our doctor might have mentioned for every doubt we head to Google. And If you are a user of Xiaomi device running on MIUI7, you can add Google search bar on the home screen

How to turn off Auto-Play of Video in Twitter app and website

Videos play automatically as you scroll down through your Twitter timeline is really a cool option, but it completely drains out your mobile data. If you are with a limited data plan, auto-playing videos will eat up all your data and after the limit is crossed the network operator with start levying unwanted or additional charges

How to take / capture screenshots in Apple watch

Apple watch has been a run out success for the company, as their first wearable device. It mainly comes with special features like Apple pay, digital crown on its side which looks like a knob at the right and acts like a sleep/wake button as well, pressing it navigates you to the home screen. It