Yu releasing incremental updates for Yureka to fix security and battery problems

The users of the Yu Yureka have been complaining about the decrease in battery life which is seen in the Yureka devices. There were many complaints about the faulty functioning of the proximity sensor and there is news that these small updates are also aimed at fixing some security issues.

Coming to the update which the Yu Yureka users have confirmed lately is available for download through OTA (over the air) and is named YNG1TAS1K0 and is 128.2 MB in size. After installing this update we found no changes in the UI or the appearance of OS, and hence we thought of checking the other issues which Yureka was facing which might be fixed with this update.

Yu Yureka incremental lollipop update to fix battery life

The update itself mentions that it is an incremental update which is aimed at providing power improvements and security enhancements for your device. My Yu Yureka device was running on Android version 5.0.2. Do check your device to see if the update is available and if you are not yet received this update then go to the settings and the About settings and tap on System Update and check if any new update is available. You can install the update OTA using WiFi or mobile data option if you feel your network connection is fast enough and make sure that your device is either charged up to more than 70% of the battery or a charging point is nearby to make sure that the battery of the device does not drain of before the installation is completed.

The download of the update time may vary according to your Internet connection and installation takes around 30 mins so make sure you are having ample time before you go ahead with the update. Yu has recently released the successor of the Yureka named the Yuphoria in a launch event in Delhi recently which is similar is specs but the design factor is very good making it look premium with the metal body. The company also launched the YUFit Band to go against the Mi Band and the HealthYU cassette.

Check your device and install the altest update of the OS and do let us know if you faced any hiccups in the installation and what changes you have observed after installing the update in your device.


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