Xiaomi Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2 launched in India for Rs. 500 on Crowdfunding

Xiaomi at their Smarter Living 202 launch have unveiled a Motion Activated Night Light 2 which turns on automatically on detecting motion. It comes with two brightness settings and is said to be energy efficient by shutting of in 15 seconds if no motion is detected. It comes with a wide range of human motion sensing range of 120 degrees. It has Photosensitive along with human body dual sensor and will turn on when the ambient brightness is low and a motion is detected in the area which it covers.

If the light around is sufficient the light does not turn on even on sensing motion in its field of view. It has a 2800k warm yellow light and offers ample light in any environment. The two brightness modes are 25 lumens and 4 lumens which can be changed using a small toggle switch.

It is a 360 degree rotating stereo light featuring magnetic structure and strong adhesive making it easy to install and versatile to be used on any surface in a matter of minutes. It runs on three AA batteries and to conserve energy it turns off automatically on not sensing any motion in its range for 15 seconds.

The Mi Motion activated Night Light 2 is available through Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform for Rs. 500 and the price will be hiked to Rs. 599 on launch, the crowdfunding starts from 18th September 2019 at 12 noon. You can check the crowdfunding page here – Link.

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