Xiaomi announces Global Mi Phone Premier in New Delhi on April 23rd

Xiaomi which has recently tied up with Snapdeal and Amazon as well along with Flipkart to give some great discounts to customers and improve the sales base on their Anniversary has now announced an event on April 23rd in which the company is supposedly going to launch a Global Mi Phone and the tag line for the event is “i Is Coming”. 
xiaomi mi global phone premier event in new delhi on april 23rd
There is no confirmation or any update on what the device which is going to be announced in New Delhi with the tagline of a Global Premier launch. There are certain devices like the Mi Note Bamboo edition and Mi Note Pink Edition which were announced in China recently which be announced but the tag line of Global Mi Phone Premier makes it look other wise. There are speculations that it might be the launch of “Mi 5” which are just rumours but it will be great if the same is true.

We all know that Xiaomi is taking India seriously by opening offline sales up in certain cities by tying up with some offline mobile stores and also building ware houses in Bangalore etc. This event which is set to be a Global launch makes the intentions of the company even more clear that it is going to go strong in marketing in India with many other manufacturers giving touch competition like Lenovo.

Coming back to the event which is going to be held in New Delhi will be clashing with the Asus Zenfone 2 event which is on the same day which we have shared with you sometime back. If you are thinking of attending this event you have to register for it via Mi India official website. There are going to be gifts handed out to the attendees as well by the company

The mystery of the “i” will continue till April 23rd and if there is any update or leak about the device which is being announced we will be sharing it with you, so keep checking and hoping that it is the Mi 5 which is being announced let us wait for the day. Hope it is a device which will go up against the Asus Zenfone 2 which is being touted as a Flagship killer.

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