Windows 8 pricing for PC Utlrabook and Tablet

Windows has come out with its latest Operating System called as the Windows 8.  This OS from Windows will be officially launched on Oct 26th. We can pre-order the full version for a DVD version. Anyone who is willing to wait for a little longer can have the downloadable version from Windows through the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. The downloadable version comes at a cheaper version than the DVD version.


Windows 8 Pricing for PC Ultrabook and Tablet
Windows 8 Pricing for PC Ultrabook and Tablet

Now coming to the pricing of the latest OS from Windows is different for the DVD pack and the downloadable version.

DVD version – $70

Downloadable version – $40.

Also, the offer of $40 for the downloadable version is valid only for a short time which is until January 31, 2013. This downloadable version comes as an upgrade for users who are currently using Vista or the Windows 7.

There is a special offer for all those who have bought any computer with Windows 7 after June 2012 and till Jan 31 2013. The offer is that these people can upgrade to Windows 8 at a very low price of $15. This offer is also valid only till Jan 31, 2013.

The pre-order bookings have started from Oct-12 onward and going by our sources we can say that many computer manufacturers have started booking for installing Windows 8 onto their devices.

Amazon has given the details of pricing for different version of Windows 8.

The pricing of these version is as follows:

  • Windows 8 Pro Pack – Product Key Card (no media) – $70
  • Windows 8 (Full Version) – OEM $100
  • Windows 8 Pro (Full Version) – OEM $140



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