WhatsApp limits forwarding messages to 1 chat at a time to stop fake news

WhatsApp has started taking measures to curb forwarding of fake messages by restricting the number of users you can forward to. Earlier in 2018 WhatsApp had introduced the “forwarded” tag to any message which was forwarded from one chat to another which gave the receiver info regarding the message being forwarded. At the same time, WhatsApp limited the number of chats to which you can forward the message to “5“. Now during the Coronavirus Pandemic and an increase in the number of fake messages being forwarded the company has limited the number to just 1. This means you can now forward a message or photo or video to just one user at a time.

  • If you are fed up with WhatsApp Fake forwards and messages you can Temporarily Deactivate or Delete WhatsApp for a few days to have some peace of mind – Android and iPhone or iPad

This will surely help in reducing the rate of forwarding messages most of which are fake. With most people around the world stuck at home creating and forwarding fake messages is turning out to be a good past time and this is creating unrest in the society. WhatsApp has posted a statistic that showed a 25% decrease in the number of forwarded messages when the forwarded messages were reduced to 5 per time.

Does this mean you can forward a message to only one WhatsApp user ?

No, it means you can only forward one message to one user at a time but you can do the same process to forward to multiple users over and over to different people.

How to forward WhatsApp messages after the recent update?

You need to forward each message individually to each user one after the other.

WhatsApp has revealed that it is working in close contact with many governments, NGOs, WHO, and 20 health ministers. WhatsApp has donated $2 million to the International fact-checking network to keep an eye on Fake news being spread using its platform. It is up to each one of us to make sure that we do not forward fake messages or videos or audio messages without verifying the authenticity of the message.

You can verify if the received message, video or Image is true or fake by doing a simple Google Search to cross-verify its authenticity and then forwarding it or if it’s fake inform the person who has sent you the message regarding it.

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