What’s new in iOS 7 from Apple

We have been seeing the new box type square Apps which might be seen in the Apple iOS 7 and now there are supposedly many new features which can be seen in iOS 7. Here are some of the features of the new iOS which will be expected from Apple to be released in new iOS7 here we are not going to discuss about the Hardware changes but only about the OS changes which can be expected. Technobufallo was the one to list out some interesting features so we have compiled a list of these features from many sources on the internet. With big phones like Galaxy S4, Lumia 925, Xperia Z etc getting good success in the market it is high time Apple revamps and gets many new features in this update rather than the little tweaks and call it the new iOS or new iPhone.

  1. Squarish Icons: The icons look more like a mix of Apple and Windows icons.iOS7 new and latest features
  2. Quick Settings: Settings like Brightness, Wifi, Bluetooth, Personal Hotspot etc with the quick settings pop up instead of going into the settings.

    Quick settings in iOS7

    image courtesy: Technobufallo.com

  3. Instant / Quick Reply: You can reply immediately from the pop up message alert which can make things soo much simpler for users.

    Instant Reply in iOS7

    Image courtesy: Technobuffallo.com

  4. All New Siri with Enhanced Capabilities: It will do much more that what it used to do, order a pizza for you etc. and Siri will be integrated into your Car to be active while switching your screen off.
  5. Improved Lock Screen: iPhone seriously needs a better Lockscreen compared to the one which is at offer.

    Lock screen in iOS7

    Image Courtesy: Technobufallo.com

  6. Better Multitasking: Instead of just the Apps icon being shown it would be better if Apple does what the Auxo Jailbroken App does showing Live Previews of the Apps running in the background.

    Multitasking in iOS7

    Image courtesy: Technobufallo.com

  7. Google Now is already on iOS, but if rumors are to be believed Apple might be doing some changes of its own and hopefully make it even better than what Google now has to offer.
  8. Improved Camera App: With other Phones like Galaxy S4 and Lumia 925 having great camera features and the present Camear App in iOS6 having just HDR, Panorama and better framing i think iOS 7 should be having better features like Low light imaging and some unique features which it can think of. iPhone camera being the most used camera it is better that Apple gives the other cameras some competition. Horizon Level, Live Exposure menu, Stabilizer, Timer and Burst Mode are some features which should be included in the new Camera App.
  9. Panorama Backgrounds: This is similar to what Android had in its earlier versions
  10. Improved Music Player
  11. Thumbnail Icons for Folders
  12. New Alerts Design Option will be available
  13. Flatter User Interface: Apple is said to loose the gloss and make the user interface more simpler. The leather look of the Calender and the look of the Notepad will be completely changed according to sources.

But after looking at their concept i feel more like it is an iAndroid OS in an iPhone, not to hurt any Apple fans but i felt that way. This is not official but just a fans representation of what he would like from the new Apple iOS7.


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