What is Smart Offline feature in YouTube and How to use it

We all know about the feature from Youtube which lets us save any Video to be viewed offline on Youtube. And we all know that if you start the process of viewing your video offline during the day you mobile data will get finished and at the same time your internet speed for other activities will also be slowed down considerably. Most of us save videos to be viewed offline when we get hold of a WiFi connection, but in cases where you cannot get WiFi connection and you need to depend only on your mobile network, Youtube have given a neat solution to this problem.

With most of the network providers offering amazing and affordable night packs for data usage in India, Youtube has launched the Smart Offline feature keeping this in mind to take advantage of this. Let us look at what exactly is Smart Offline in Youtube and how it can be helpful to you.

How to use YouTube smart offline feature in India

With smart offline, Youtube automatically schedules your videos to be saved offline when the night data packs are activated helping you save on data using the attractive night packs by network providers.

How to use Smart Offline Feature in Youtube:

When you want to save a video to be viewed offline, tap on the Save Offline option

Now  Youtube will be giving you a pop up message “Save overnight” asking you whether you want to save the video now of schedule it to save when the night packs are activated.

You need to tap on the Save overnight option and your video will be scheduled to be saved after the peak hours have ended at night and you can watch it later without any buffering

And you will not be bothered by the slow internet during the time the video is being saved.

This feature will work for videos downloaded or viewed over cellular networks. The networks which are currently supporting this feature are Airtel and Telenor, if you are on anyother network this feature wont work so do not worry as Youtube is said to gradually starting rolling out this feature to other networks as well.

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