What is new in Android O as compared to Android Nougat

Google has officially showcased their latest OS, the Android O at the recent Google I/O event.  From the preview which was shown at the event we can confirm that the latest OS is not a complete revamp from the previous version. There are a lot of changes which give the OS a new and refreshed feel, it is clear that Google is giving functionality more importance in this upgrade.

It is not clear what Google will be naming the latest OS, the name doing rounds is “Oreo” which is not confirmed but most likely. There are multiple big and small changes or updates given in the latest OS, but to make it simple we will be listing the most important and useful updates or changes in Android O when compared to Android Nougat.

List of changes or Updates in Android O:

Picture in Picture: This is tried and tested feature which is seen in many other places like the YouTube App itself where you can keep watching the Video and scroll through other videos on the App. The same way you can do this not just in the YouTube App but all through the OS. Minimise the Video being played and then access any App and use it while the Video is active in a small Window. Once done with the Video you can just swipe it out of the screen to close it. A great feature to help in multi tasking.

Smart Text Selection: In Android O the normal text highlighting feature has got some major upgrade. Now you don’t just get the Copy, Paste and Select options but on highlighting the text, the OS uses the Google AI’s help to understand what the highlight is about and acts accordingly. For example, if you highlight a phone number, there will be an option to call or save the number in the pop up directly above the selected text.

Notification Dots: Android O users will now see a small dot on top right of their app icons with active notifications. This feature is not just restricted to notifying the user about the notifications but when you Long-press the app icon with Notification Dot you get a list of immediate shortlink actions which you can perform directly from the home screen. This feature eliminates the need to launch the app to perform any action which can be now done directly using a pop-up window, saving a lot of time.

Autofill: This feature is a mixed bag with the feature being both useful and a bit scary as this feature remembers stuff like your username and passwords to help in logging into your apps etc to make your browsing faster.

Google Play Protect: To put it in short, it is a “Virus Scanner for Apps”. You app installs will be scanned regularly for any Virus and it will be seen in the Google Play app update window, showing your most recent scan and if there were any issues found. The team reports to have scanned 50 billion app installs every day.

Adaptive Icons:

Developers will now be able to create “adaptive icons” for their apps, which basically means you will be getting different designs for icons. This will change the shape of the icon to match the Home screen theme. This will now remove the oddly and mismatch shaped icons on your home screen and have a uniform shape for all the applications.

Android O will be getting improved Battery life thanks to some features under Vitals which will help in restricting background App usage and improving battery life.

A very drastic improvement in Boot time is being promised for the devices and improvement in App performance as well. The company says that the boot time of Google Pixel phones in now half of what it was earlier.

There are some of the more prominent updates in Android O which was officially announced couple of days back. The Beta version of Android O is available on Google Pixel which will give you an experience of how the final product will be like.

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