What are Miscellaneous Files in Glaxy S4 and S5 storage and How to remove it

Are you finding that most of the space in your 16GB Galaxy S4 and S5 is being taken up by Miscellaneous Files and is it taking up more than6 GB of your internal memory? then you are not alone as most of the users are seeing this and it is very irritating to see that so much internal memory is being used up and that too being termed as miscellaneous files. Files in Bluetooth,

So we had sent a mail to Verizon regarding the 6 GB Miscellaneous Files in Storage and we got a reply saying that  – “this space is used up to hold the pre-installed applications in your device like the Samsung official Apps.”How to delete Miscellaneous files in galaxy S4

This is in particular very sad to see that so much of internal memory is being used up and Verizon has no answer to how to clear that space and help make the system faster. But we tried to try somethings out and found some simple solutions to this problem which you can try out and free some memory.

Backup and Delete Data on your Internal Storage: (Rooted devices)

Here we have used the App called Online Nandroid Backup from App store and this needs a Rooted device.

This App creates back up in CMW style or TWRP and  Backs up and restores your device without having to turn your device off.

Make sure that you have created a Back Up of your Internal memory and moved all your data like Photos, Videos, Notes, Music, Contacts, Apps and App data to External SD card, and also store it in your PC for safety.

You have to clear all the Dalvic, Data, App Cache, system cache and also Internal Storage from your device (Note: Do not clear External Storage stored on SD Card)

You can do this by going into Settings -> Backup and Restore ->Delete all data on Internal SD

After you have done this Install or upload the new ROM into your device, and wait for it to complete and then as you have all the data backed up on your device you do not have to worry about your personal stuff like Photos, music etc and you can transfer the data into your Internal memory.

This trick has worked for us and if you do not have a Rooted device you cannot do this trick. In Non Rooted device we do not have any solutions as backing up and transferring the data to external sd card is difficult, we are trying other tricks for non rooted Galaxy S4 devices and will update it as soon as we find any.


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