Top 5 Best Twitter Apps for Windows 10 Mobile and PC

Twitter is one of the most rapidly growing social networking site and is a platform where news etc to reach audience before any other platform. With over 320 million monthly active users on Twitter including Politicians and Celebrities, it is a very exciting place to keep ourselves updated with the happenings in the world.

Twitter has become a platform for getting the news first and if you are a Windows 10 Mobile or PC user, check out the list of Best Twitter Apps for your Windows 10 running Smartphone or Laptop or PC.

Best Twitter Apps for Windows 10 Mobile

Twitter – Official App:

Let us start with the official Twitter App which is available for Windows 10 for PC and has been around from a couple of years now. The PC or Laptop version of the App is quite well built and is quite responsive in terms of the layout adjusting to the width of the App. The same cannot be said with the Mobile app as it needs a lot of finishing. We have faced Errors many times when the message when trying to post a tweet. The Live tile was not being updated, these are some of the negatives we found with the Twitter official App for Windows mobile.

The things which were good are the App was fast and it supports Multiple Accounts. You get tweets updates from people you follow on the Lock screen. The App is Free and can be downloaded from the Store.


This is one of the best Apps for Twitter in Windows Mobile and one thing which I loved was it is available on Windows 10 Mobile and PC both of which have swift and neat UI. It comes with many useful options like auto-play of GIFs and Videos, Notifications are interactive, customization options are plenty like the theme, color, background etc. The things which I did not like were the real time updates were usually delayed on the Mobile App and the icons are too big for comfort. Rest all are perfectly up to the mark and this is one of the best Apps for Twitter on Windows 10 Mobile if you are ready to shell out $2.99 which will be well worth it.


This app has been around for a year now and it supports all the Windows App platforms making it an advantage. One thing which was obvious is the elegance with which the App adjusts to the display being used and takes complete advantage of the real estate at offer. It is a pretty minimalistic theme with dark and light themes. It comes with similar features as the Tweetium along with some other additional features like push notifications, inline response icons, full-screen video.

It has Offline support which allows you to keep reading when the signal is weak or gone altogether. Highly customizable with options for gestures and themes. You can Pin sections like the timeline, lists or saved searches to Home screen to access faster. The App is also priced at $2.99 and is quite good for the features and the constant support from developers.

Fenice for Twitter:

Not Free but is cheaper than the other two in the list at $1.99 it offers quite a lot of features with multiple options to choose from and customize the way the app works according to your liking. You can set the number of Tweets to appear on startup, theme color, adjust the column width etc. The App even comes with an inbuilt spell checker which is a boon for many. Autoplay for Gif and it supports Video uploads from the App.

There are certain drawbacks with the App which make it to the bottom of the list, the mobile version was not that fluid and sometimes new tweets were not updated. If you would love to try out the App before purchasing, you can get a Free trail as well.

Tweet it for Twitter:

This is another App for Windows 10 Mobile and PC which is considerably costlier than the rest of the Apps in the list, priced at $5.99. It comes with support for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows PC and also supports Continuum to give you the complete Twitter experience across all devices. It comes with all the options available on Tweetium and it has ended up last in the list inspite of its Continuum support is the price factor.

Do try out the above-mentioned apps and let us know your experience, if you have found any other App which is worth a mention please leave you valuable feedback about the Twitter Apps for Windows 10 Mobile and

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