Top 5 Best iPhone VR Apps and Games

With the improving technology the latest trend being Virtual Reality, if you are looking to enter the world of VR with your iPhone and any VR headset be it a cheap one or costly one, we are here to give you a list of VR Apps with which you can get the complete immersive VR experience on your iPhone.

The Virtual Reality segment took off after the launch of Cardboard by Google which is one of the most affordable headsets around. With the Cardboard and many other similar VR headsets available in the market along with many Apps in Apple App store giving VR content like games, movies etc. With a huge number of Apps and games without much to offer it can get confusing, so we have narrowed it down to make a list of the top 5 Apps and games in App Store for you to get the perfect VR experience.

Best VR Apps and Games for iPhone

List of Top 5 Apps in Apple App store for the best VR experience:


This is one of the best App to offer you VR content for free, and as Youtube is well known to everyone and most of us have it already installed on our devices it doesn’t get any easier. There is a lot of content available on Youtube supporting Virtual Reality and most of the new content are 360-degree videos. It is not just that professionals are into 360-degree videos but with the number of 360-degree cameras entering the market we can see many newbies or armatures making great 360-degree videos as well.


It is more of a platform to provide content in Virtual Reality similar to Netflix is for Television. It comes with content created or produced by Vrse. The content is segregated properly into categories like music videos, journalism videos etc. It is a platform which is growing and will be coming up with new content on a regular basis.

Zombie Shooter VR:

As the name suggests it is a Zombie game set in the post-apocalyptic age with you trying to shoot the zombies in VR which is quite immersive and can get scary at times. It comes with look to shoot controls which make it quite interesting and very simple in gameplay making it quite easy to play and addictive as well to those who like sudden surprises.

End Space VR:

If you are a person who loves Sci-fi stuff and flying, this is the perfect game to enjoy both. With taking full advantage of the 360-degree experience you can see on all sides giving you the complete real life-like experience while in a war as a space fighter. Not just the visuals but with 3D immersive audio you will get a complete experience. Worth a try to experience true VR.

Google Street View:

This might not be an interactive game or App but it is surely an App which can get you anywhere in the world having a complete 360-degree view of the area you are in. Imagine you wanted to go see the Eifel Tower all your life, now you can just strap on your VR headset and you can be right there.

These are 5 of the best VR related Apps and games which found my interest, do let us know if you know any other apps and games which are newly released and need a place in this list in the comments section.

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