Things to do after buying a new Smart Phone

As the heading suggests, this post outlines the list of things one has to do on buying a new smartphone. Before continuing, I would like to congratulate you on your new phone. The very thing that you are here reading this post suggests that you are going to take good care of your mobile.

Well here is the list of things that we think one should be doing after getting a new mobile. Be it any brand like Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, Xiaomi, Lenovo, HTC, Blackberry, Microsoft etc and running on any Operating System like Android OS or Apple iOS.  New Phone - TKZ

Check the authenticity of the new phone
This might seem dumb, buy you would be surprised on seeing the number of consumers who are duped with fake/cloned/used as brand new phones. Don’t get coaxed by the unrealistic offers and always buy from a known or reputed seller. If buying online either buy it from the phone’s official website or opt for e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

If you have bought the phone, check that the box is sealed with the companies seal/hologram on it. If you find none, refuse to accept the product. Later check whether you have received all the box contents that are supposed to come with the phone. The contents you should get are usually listed on the side of the box. if you are planning to buy a Used Samsung smartphone do follow this post – Things to check before buying used Samsung smartphone.


iPhone Clone

Know your SIM type
With the increasing SIM types such as standard, micro, nano etc. one has to know which type of SIM your phone would support. If you are not certain, read the user manual which would be in the box. Do not try to insert the SIM forcefully into the slot. There have been instances of the SIM getting stuck in the slot when the wrong SIM was tried to insert. Keep in mind that some dual SIM phones have different SIM types that they support and both need not be of the same type.

Full charge your Phone
Now switch on your phone and enter as many start-up details as possible. Entering your details on the startup will give you a more personalized feel to your phone. After verifying that all the basic things are working properly, plug-in your phone with the adapter for a full charge. As your phone was in a dormant/sealed state for quite some time, this step is very necessary though not many people realize it.

Add a screen guard/back cover
Though some of the phones are coming with a factory installed screen guards, many others are not providing this feature out of the box. Though some have the swag to use the phone as is, we highly recommend you to get a screen guard or a tempered glass (for action attracting people). The latest screen guards have advanced so much that you wouldn’t even feel of them being there which these prove to be advantageous against scratches or drops.
Optionally you can also go for a back cover or a bumper case for the overall protection.

There are some 3rd party companies that provide Insurance to your phone and the choice to take it up or not is completely up to you. As a  personal opinion I would ask you to not waste money on such schemes, but rather be extra careful with your phone.

Warranty details
The warranty card along with the details would be present in the box along with the phone. We recommend you to save those along with the box if possible. There are some companies which would want you to register online to be covered under the warranty. Read the documents carefully to understand the procedure before giving in your details.

Security for the phone
As the last step, have a security lock (swipe or passcode) before you start using your phone. Additionally have a security app or an anti-virus app which now a day have additional features like tracking your phone in case of robbery or losing it (Note down the IMEI number of the phone along with the other unique phone attributes). Android phones are based on Linux and hence the probability of being susceptible to virus is very less. So is the case with Mac based iPhones. Though an Adware or a Malware attack is always possible.

Well, these are some quick tips to have longevity and tension free experience with your new smart phone. Do let us know if any other tips can be added to make it beneficial to other new smartphone users.


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