Things to check before buying a used Samsung Mobile

Because of the increasing prices of mobiles, one might always wish to opt for a used mobile phone. But finding a genuine seller of the mobile is very difficult in these money minded times. An armature might just look for the physical appearance of the phone and any shiny mobile with a leather case might deceive him into thinking it as a perfectly working mobile. But there is more to a mobile than that meets the eye. Here is a simple way to check the condition of a Samsung mobile smart phone before making a buy.

External looks and the Home Button :

All things said, the external looks do matter as even though it’s a 2nd hand mobile, you wouldn’t it to look that worn out. Another thing to look in an Samsung mobile is its Home Button. Check for the working of the home button by pressing it at least 3-4 times. Believe me when i say that a faulty Home button is a big pain.

Now take the Samsung mobile and navigate to the Dial Pad and enter the following characters to get a screen which is called the Test Menu Screen.

Code for Test Menu – *#0*#

TKZ - Galaxy S4 - Test Menu

Code to get the Test Menu – *#0*#

You are directed to the a screen with multiple boxes with different options on clicking of the above code in the dial pad.

This is a screen where you can check the responsiveness and the sensitivity of an Samsung mobile. An one point location to know the status of LCD screen, Sound, Sensors etc. The options present in this screen may be different based on the model of the Samsung mobile. Listed below is the typical list present in an Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile.

Samsung S4 Test Menu - *#0*#

Samsung S4 Test Menu – *#0*#

Out of all the options present the one you should pay attention when checking for the stature of the cell phone are as follows  :

Touch :

TKZ - Galaxy S4 - Touch
Mobiles over use tend to lose the sensitivity of the touch on their LCD screen. A visual appearance might not reveal much about the condition of LCD screen. But on this screen you get an Rectangle box with an X in it, and drawing on it fills the area with a green color indicating the perfect working of the touch of the LCD screen.

Sensor :

On clicking of the Sensor button you will be shown the data and the condition of the following sensors for your mobile. You can in turn check the working of each sensors by clicking on the buttons to test their functionality.

TKZ - Galaxy S4 - Sensor

a) Accelerometer Sensor
b) Proximity Sensor
c) Barometer Sensor
d) Lights Sensor
e)Gyroscope Sensor
f) Magnetic Sensor
g)Temp – Humid Test

Mega Cam :
Opens the Camera for you to click a picture, and then opens the clicked picture to view the quality of the image.

Speaker :
Plays a sound (usually Samsung’s Over the Horizon tone) to check the working of the speaker and sound clarity in the mobile.

Vibration :
On clicking on Vibration, the phone quivers and gives us the condition of the Vibrate mode in the mobile.

Receiver :
Plays a beep sound from the phones receiver to check its quality.

Sub Key :
Sub keys are the soft keys usually present at the bottom of a Samsung Mobile. On clicking on this option you are directed to a screen, where on clicking of the soft keys the colors keep changing indicating the status of the Sub Keys.

TSP Hovering :

TKZ - Galaxy S4 - TSP Hovering
Also called as Floating Touch/Air Touch is present in the latest generation of Samsung mobiles. This option is to check for the stature of the TSP hovering Sensor.

There are lots of others options present like checking of the screens color quality through Red, Green and Blue Lights, the Front Cam, Speaker(R), Dimming, Sleep, LED, IR LED, Low Frequency, Bar code Emulator Test,Black and Sensor Hub Test. The features and the functionality of the other features are self-explanatory and are of lesser importance.

These are the basic features that you should check when buying a used mobile. Even though many other checks like Battery status, Software Version, WiFi Connectivity etc should be cheeked before making the final decision these can help you get a basic idea of the overall usage of the product.

Final and Main thing to look at is the Cost whether it is in your price range or not haha ok enough jokes do let us know if any other things should be looked at which can be helpful.

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