Sygnal, a smart fitness T-shirt which counts steps and helps in navigation at Rs. 2499

The advancement in health or fitness tracking and the improvement in technology fitness trackers are being included in many products which are used on a daily basis by any person like watches, fitness bands etc and to take it a step further a company called Broadcast Wearables has developed a smart T-shirt called “Sygnal”. This smart T-shirt is equipped with sensors which help in counting the number of steps taken, calories burnt, floors climbed and the most interesting part is that it is capable of navigating to any location by Syncing with Maps and giving the user directions on the go.

Sygnal smart fitness t shirt thats helps in navigation

To make the T-Shirt navigate, it is equipped with two inbuilt vibration sensors located on both shoulders which in sync with the Maps through the App will give directions by vibrating the sensor on the right shoulder if you need to turn right or the left shoulder if you have to turn left. This is pretty useful as looking at the map while driving a two wheeler is quite dangerous. The Sygnal T-Shirt comes with an App which will help in connecting the T-shirt to your smartphone, the App is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

It is through the App that all the readings can be obtained like the number of steps, calories burnt, number of floors climbed etc. If you are wondering whether the smart T-shirt is water proof or can be washed, the company has mentioned that it can be washed without any worry to keep it fresh everytime you wish to go out.

The T-shirt is equipped with what they call as a magic controller which is the brain of the smart t-shirt located on the back of the t-shirt near the neck region. The Sygnal t-shirt comes with builtin battery which lasts for 3-5 days and requires charging. Sygnal t-shirt connects to the App and your smartphone through Bluetooth to transfer the required data. To control the smart t-shirt or to Turn it On or Off you get a button or soft switch on the sleeve of the t-shirt which lets you turn it on or off.

The Sygnal smart t-shirt is an interesting concept and it is listed on a crowdfunding platform “” which is taking in pre-orders pricing the smart t-shirt at Rs. 2,499 which is a 50% discount to its original pricing of Rs. 4,999 on its release. It has set a target of Rs. 5,00,000 and have raised Rs. 45,294 till date with 29 days left.

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