Storage Space Issues – “Not Enough Space” Error

Out of all the alert pop ups on an android phone,the most frustrating one is “Not Enough Storage Space”. It goes to a new height of frustration when this Error pops up when you don’t have anything of significant size stored on your phone. There are many reasons why this error can appear on your android device and depending on the cause we have to use certain tricks to solve this error. Here is a simple tutorial to show you How to solve or remove the Not Enough Space Error in Android devices.

Check how genuine the issue is?
Go to Settings on your mobile and check the Storage tab to get individual memory information on your phone. On an Android mobile the device memory space is shown for the following types of files :

Applications – The apps you have downloaded
Pictures/Videos – The camera clicks or the image/video downloads from messaging apps like Whatsapp or Viber
Audio (music,ringtones,pod-casts) – The MP3,MP4,avi, other media files present on your mobile
Downloads – The files downloaded from the net
Cached data – The cache stored to capture your personal preferences
Miscellaneous files – Other kinds of files
and also the Available free space on the mobile.Storage Space Issues

When you see a major chunk of your memory being occupied by an individual type of file among the above listed, just browse to the particular file and directly delete them on your phone to free up the memory.
Alternatively you can connect your mobile to a PC through a USB cable and explore the files on your mobile on your computer (You can use Kies Software in case of a Samsung mobile to ease up the options to explore your mobile).

If the issue of Storage memory is not so direct as mentioned above, you can clean up the memory by following the below instructions to get rid of some of the common space issues.

Issue due to Apps :
Even though this has been covered above among other Storage labels, i felt it is worth mentioning again due to the redundant issues i see with many apps, which cover up the space with not only their basic app storage memory but also the cache they form. For example, in my recent Verizon Android HTC mobile i found an app “Backup Assistant Plus” which came as a default app along with the phone to be using considerable amount of memory. All i had to do was to click on Clear Data to get rid of the dreaded memory issue.Storage Space Issues

Issue due to LOST.dir file :
One noted and redundant issue being reported is because of the directory folder “LOST.dir” on your Internal SD card which might contain large corrupted files. These huge recovered corrupted files in your LOST.dir folder get created during frequent transfers between your mobile and PC. You can safely delete the LOST.dir folder as it does not contain any system important data will not disrupt the normal functioning of your mobile unless files such as Clockword Recovery on getting corrupted might end up as a file in the Lost.dir folder. The important files in the Lost.dir folder can be recovered by using softwares such as Recuva.
The Lost.dir folder should be cleaned once in a while to clear the memory. A better way is to avoid the files being created in the Lost.dir folder by following simple thumb rules while transferring files :

i.Avoid forced ejection or dismounting in the middle of a file transfer process.
ii.Unmounting your mobile safely while ejecting it from the PC.

Issue due to thumbnail files :
One might have experienced a situation where the Pictures/Videos occupy high memory even when no photos are present or were not taken recently. This is a common issue where the DCIM folder which contains the pictures and videos increases in size by itself due to the thumbnail files which get created overtime by the system. Thumbnails are reduced-size versions of pictures, used to help in recognizing and organizing them, serving the same role for images as a normal text index does for words. It gets weirder as the thumbnail files are sometimes larger than the original file itself. A simple solution to this issue is to delete the “mnt/SDcard/DCIM/.thumbnails” folder which contains the thumbnail files.

Another good practise would be to use an app to replace the default gallery on yout mobile. Android Applications like Quickpic (from worth mentioning in this segment as to its responsive and fast, feel good UI which can be refreshing against the vintage UI of android gallery.

If none of the manual techniques listed above help, we can always rely on the apps present in the store for reducing your space problem and handling the “Not Enough Storage Space” issue. Only use this as a Plan B as apps again occupy space and some apps even act as malware.

Cleanmaster :
Cleanmaster (from KS mobile) is a useful app to clear off the useless archives and residual files from apps which were deleted. Also deletes class history and other logs. Is self acclaimed as the most downloaded Android Cleaner and RAM Booster with over 100 million users and has been featured in CNET, LA Times, The Boston Globe and XDA.Be cautioned not to clear the cache of files which you think are important.

Link2SD :
Link2SD(from Bulent Akpinar) is small application manager software is to manage apps and files between your android to SD card (Internal storage to External Storage). It allows your rooted Android to force move apps i.e. even system apps can now be moved to your External card by converting them as User apps and in this way freeing up the Internal memory for better System performance.

Your are sure to free up a considerable amount of memory by using any of the above methods.


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