How to stop Google from Redirecting to Country Specific Page

Google has become the Worlds Database of everything what ever you want or have a question about everyone look up to google, if you want to buy something search on google, if you want to know about some disease – search in google, if want to know about a gadget you search in google. So in short google is the most used search engine in the world.

Google has some Features which locate the Area or Country you are searching from and redirects you to the Google Domain of your Country. In country specific google domain searches a slight change can be seen where some results are given depending on their location, mostly priority is given to sites, or stuff which is related to or near your location.

In case you are searching from a State in United Kingdom and you are searching in you will be directed to after you enter your search term and press Enter. And there are some variations in search results due to this. How to stop google from redirecting to country specific domain

So here is the Trick of How to Stop Google from Redirecting to Country Specific Google Domain:

  1. Open a New Tab in your Browser
  2. Enter – “” in your browser instead of the plain as NCR stands for No Country Redirection.
  3. Now type in the search term in the Search Bar and press Enter.
  4. Your Search Result will be shown in itself and not your Countries Domian.
  5. There is no need to enter every time you search in google, because when you did it the first time it is saved by setting a cookie on your browser. How to stop google from redirecting to country specific domain 1
  6. So Do not Clear your Browser Cookies – If you do so this feature will go and you have to enter once again.

Apply this trick and get proper good results for your search terms and not results related to your location. Do try this out and let us know.


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