Shopping on a Black Friday | How to take advantage of Black Friday deals Nov 2012

Black Friday is a day which is most eagerly looked upon by millions of Americans. There is nothing negative about it as it reflects in the name. It is a very busy day which brings smiles to millions of people.

The significance of Black Friday is that it is celebrated on the day after Thanks Giving Day. This yea Thanks Giving comes on the 22nd of November and Black Friday comes on the 23rd of Novermber. This day signifies the beginning of Christmas Shopping season. People start buying everything they want starting from this day.

On this day almost all the retailers big and small, open their stores as early as 4 AM in the morning and sell their products at dead cheap prices. This is marked as the kick off to the festive shopping season.

If you are wondering how this day is named as “Black Friday” then the explanation goes like this. On this day the shopping season starts and as stuff is sold at highly discounted prices, the stores are filled with people and the streets are mobbed. There are lines which extend upto several meters outside stores. The roads getting jammed. All this happens in the city center stores. So the Philadelphia Police Department has named the Friday after Thanks Giving as Black Friday.

Black friday deals
Black friday deals

Over the years Black Friday has picked up a lot of importance and more and more people are taking part in this. As the demand keeps increasing year on year retailers have started opening their stores the night before Black Friday in order to accommodate them. The retail giant Walmart has announced that it would open the Black Friday sales at 8 pm on the Thursday night. Macy’s and Best Buy would be opening their stores at somewhere around midnight in most of their locations.

Black Friday has also become quite popular for online purchasing. Internet has always served as a medium for information about anything and everything. Likewise internet is now one of the main sources of various deals available at various stores all around the USA. Off late people have shown more inclination towards online shopping than offline shopping as it is becoming more and more secure and also comfortable.

Black Friday sales normally begin at 4 am in the morning. There are people lined  up outside stores braving the cold weather outside from as early as  midnight inorder to be first to enter the store. But there are others who prefer to relax after having a pleasant Thanks giving dinner.

Online shopping sites such as eBay and other major sites have reported that the traffic for Black Friday has peaked at about early on the Thanks giving night. Many people start their shopping through the social networking sites such as Twitter and facebook. The most searched term during this period is no doubt about the deals available on Black Friday. The statistics indicate that about 44% of people search for last minute deals and discounts on thanks giving day.

Some of the places you can go for Black Friday deals both Offline and Online are –

Best Buy






Kmart etc.

There are deals on various products ranging from sporting goods, jewelry, video games, movie DVD’s, electronics, toys, clothes, Apple products such as iPad3, iPad mini, MacBook Pro, gaming consoles such as Playstation3, and Xbox 360 etc. We also get deals on latest smartphones too.

The sites where you can search for deals are

Have a wonderful Thanks giving and shop till your wallet becomes empty!!!


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