How to send message in WhatsApp without saving or Adding as Contact

Just a few years ago, SMS was what we knew of as Messaging but with the introduction of messaging apps, particularly WhatsApp have completely replaced SMS and it has become one of the most used messaging apps out there. One thing which is not possible with WhatsApp which can be done with the SMS is the option to send a message without the need to add the number as a contact in your smartphone. WhatsApp has not included the option to send a message to a mobile phone without adding them as your contact in your device.

There are situations in which you need to send a message or forward images to a contact which you know that you will not be contacting in the future. In such cases it is a waste of time and impractical to have to add the number to your contact and then refresh your WhatsApp contacts list and then send a message. There is a workaround, actually there are two which we will be explaining here.

how to send message on whatsapp without adding contact

How to Send Message or Forward photos in WhatsApp without adding to Contact:

Method 1: Add the Contact to a WhatsApp Group:

This is one of the easiest ways to send a message to any number without adding the contact on your phone

All you have to do is Launch the WhatsApp application

Now go to any WhatsApp Group and add the contact to the group

Now you should tap on the group name which shows the list of contacts

Tap on the Contact which shows the pop up box which shoes the options – Message n.o. Tap on it

Now you can directly message or send photos / Videos to the contact without adding him or her on your phone

Method 2: Use Built-in Dialer App:

This method can be used in certain smartphones only as the built-in Android dialer App is available only in some phones. If your Android device has a built-in Android dialer Application, you can go ahead with this step.

  • Launch the Dialer App and type in the number to which you want to send the message
  • Now tap on the three dot icon on the top right corner you will be seeing a drop down menu
  • Tap on “Send a message” option which will give you multiple messaging apps options, select WhatsApp from the list and you can send any message or photo or Video directly to the number without saving the number on your phone.

Method 3: Use Click2Chat App:

For this method you need to install an application called Click2Chat WhatsApp. This application lets you send a message directly to a number without the need to save it on your device.

Install the Click2Chat WhatsApp application on your device and launch it

Now select the country to which the number belongs, enter the number and press OK

Now you have to type in the message or send any Audio, Photo or Video file to the entered number

Tap on Send and you are done

You can even schedule the message to a future time or date to be sent directly without needing your permission. It also allows you to save the new WhatsApp Stories photos or Videos on your smartphone – How to save WhatsApp Status or Stories on your Android device.

These are the three methods which let you send any message, photo, audio or video file to any number without saving it as a contact on your smartphone. Please share if you know any other easy workarounds for this which we would love to add to the post to help others.

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