How to Send Friend Requests in Facebook when Blocked

Facebook has become strict and is blocking many people for a certain number of days and does not allow you to Send friend requests to any User when for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 15 days or 30 days if you have sent too many requests to people and they don’t accept it. So Facebook feels either you are a Spammer or a Fake Profile and will your profile gets Blocked.

I wont discuss about what to do so that you don’t get blocked in Facebook but will tell you how to send Friend Requests even after Facebook has Blocked your Profile from send any. This is Genuine trick and you are not doing anything illegal so don’t worry. So after you have used this trick to send a friend request make sure that you send it the person who will accept it or else it will become another reason for Facebook to Block you. how to send friend requests in facebook when Blocked

Here is the Trick on How to Send Friend Requests in Facebook when Blocked:

  1. To add a person when you are blocked you need the persons Email i.d or their Phone Number which is linked to the Facebook Account. (You can find it in your other Mail Accounts)
  2. Now go to “Add Personal Contacts as Friends” (This irritating box on your timeline, is useful for the first time)
  3. Click on “Invite Friend By Email or Phone Number” 
  4. This Option Allows you to Enter an Email i.d or their Phone Number and lets your Send friend requests to other Facebook users even if you are blocked for any number of days. how to send friend requests in facebook when Blocked - find personal contacts and upload contact file
  5. Enter the Email i.d or Phone Number in the empty Bar and Click enter, your Friend Request will be sent to the other person.

If you are thinking How to Send Multiple Friend Requests when you are blocked, here is another simple trick which can help you:

  1. Collect all the Email i.d’s of the Facebook accounts you want to send Friend requests to.
  2. Open up a new Notepad file, paste all the email i.d’s you have collected and make sure they are separated by commas (,)
  3. This is important make sure you Save the notepad file with the extension “.vcf”
  4. Noe go to Add Personal Contacts as Friends and click on the last option “Other Tools” where you can find “Invite A Friend By Email or Phone Number” as seen in the above image – Here you need to upload your contact file.
  5. Click on Upload and Select File from your System “.vcf file” and upload it to.
  6. After the upload is completed all the Email i.d’s will be sorted out and Friend request will be sent to all the Accounts automatically by Facebook.

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