How to get secret Menu in Galaxy smartphones to check device functions

Samsung Galaxy smartphones series are one of the most used smartphones in the world by Samsung and there are many codes which when entered into the phone app will give various options, here is another such option which is a hidden Samsung menu which is used to check if the phone is working properly or not.

How to get the secret Menu in Galaxy smartphones to check your device functionality:

All you have to do to access the Secret menu is tap and launch your Phone App -> now open the Keypad and then type in the following *#0*# and as soon as you enter the last symbol the Secret menu screen will appear which is seen like the image below. There are many options like Red, Green, Blue, Receiver, Vibration, Dimming, Mega Cam, Sensor, Touch, Sleep, Speaker, Sub Key, Front Cam, Low frequency and Black all these options are used to check the functionality of your Galaxy device.

How to check if your galaxy phone is working properly with the secret menu

The colors are used to check if the display is working properly and all the colors are represented correctly or not and the other options like the Vibration, Speaker, Touch, Sub Key are used to check the physical functions like screen, speaker, Vibration etc are working properly, there is also option to check the Front and Rear Cam functionality and the Sound output in Frequencies ranging from 100 mHz to 300 mHz.

I particularly liked the Sensor option, by tapping on it the functions of various sensors in your device are shown like the Accelerometer, Proximity, Lights, Gyroscope and Magnetic Sensor where the various values are flickering and changing. This will let you know the functionality of the sensors, I am guessing these options are for developers and also the service centre guys to check the problems with the devices.

This is one of the cool but boring and not so useful feature which we found hidden in the Galaxy devices so do let us know if you know any other such hidden features or options in the comments section so that we can share with others.

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