How to Save a Photo as Draft in Instagram to post later

Ever wondered while using Instagram that you would like to post a Story later on and not at the moment of taking it? be it timing or be it slow internet who would like to loose a good capture. Instagram has rolled out a new feature which lets users to Save Posts as Drafts to be uploaded later. So let us show you how you can Save photos or videos as drafts in Instagram and how you can post the saved drafts later.

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How to Save Photos as Drafts in Instagram:

Note: For some reason, Instagram does not allow you to Save the photo as draft without adding any Filter or Tagging people or adding a location. So make sure you do any of the one to be able to save it as a draft.

1: Launch the Instagram App on your iPhone or Android device

2: Now tap on the Camera Icon on the top left corner of the display

3: Here you can choose to either capture a new photo or to upload an existing photo

4: After selecting or taking a photo you have to go through the regular process of applying filters, tagging people,  adding a caption etc

5: Now tap on back to go to the Filter / Editing step and click on the arrow in the top left corner of the screen

How to Save Drafts in Instagram for Android and iOS

6: You will be seeing a pop up giving you the option to either Discard or to Save the photo as a Draft. Tap on Save as Draft and you are done.

Now the photo which you have either taken or chosen from Gallery is saved in Instagram Drafts and can be accessed from any device by logging in into your account and posted when ever you wish to. So let us look at how to post the Drafted photos on Instagram from any device.

How to Share or Post Drafted Photos or Images on Instagram?

1: Now that you have drafted and are looking to publish the Photos on Instagram,

2: You need to tap on the ‘+’ option in the bottom middle of the display

3: You will now have to tap on Gallery which opens the Drafted photos

4: Tap on the Photo which you would like to publish and proceed to publish the post on Instagram

This is the easiest way to save Drafts on Instagram to post them at a later stage without having to miss out on any important picture.


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