How to Save Friends Profile Picture in Whats App

Every person these days is using whats app which has replaced Messaging because of its increasing Rates, this app is available in all Operating Systems present like Android, iOS, BB, Windows. So there have been many doubts by people who were wondering if they can save the profile pictures of their friends from Whats App.

I must say if you want a picture you can ask for it, but in some cases your Crush might be on the other side and you don’t want to ask her for her picture, this is where this trick helps. You must be thinking how can you save the pic as Whats app does not give any such options to save it, but what you all do not know is in Android when ever you open a Profile Pic the Picture gets Saved in your Phone Directory i.e –

  • Location of the Profile Picture: “Directory > Sdcard > WhatsApp > Profile Pictures”

How to Save Friends/Contacts Profile Picture from Whats App:

This is a Step by Step Tutorial to guide you through the Saving process, we are going to show you with pictorial representation how it is done.

Open/Launch Whats App in your Smartphone or Tablet

Open the Profile of the User/Contact whose profile picture you want to save – You can do it either but searching in Contact list or opening the message thread and clicking on the Name or Number of the User. How to save whats app profile pic to your android device- contact info

Now you have to Click on the Photo/Picture which you want to save.How to save whats app profile pic to your android device - profile picture

Once the Picture is opened, close Whats App.

Now you have go to My Files > Directory > SDcard > WhatsApp > ProfilePicturesHow to save whats app profile pic to android device - Pic location in SD card

Now you can see the list of Profile Pictures which you have viewed, select the Picture which you want to download and Click on it. How to save whats app profile pics - whats app files

This will now either open a Pop up window showing you Options Like – Share, Delete, Move, Copy, Rename. Or If you have saved a default Picture Viewer the image will directly open in that. How to save whats app profle pic to android device - Profile pics locations

From here you can easily Download or Share the Profile Picture to your Smartphone or Tablet.

This method is a very simple one and you can easily Download/Save your Contacts Profile Pictures without letting them know, so please comment and do let me know if you have any problems locating the Whats App Directory in your Android Device. Do comment and Like Our Facebook Page.

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