Samsung S3 Mini Specifications and Price

Samsung has finally pulled the curtains down about the rumors doing rounds about the smaller version of its latest flagship model Samsung S3. Yes today Samsung officially launched the Samsung S3 Mini. Lets have a brief look at what it has to offer.

Samsung S3 Mini Specifications and Price

Samsung S3 Mini Specifications and Price


Samsung has become famous for its smart phones with large screens. It has set the trend of making smart phones larger and larger, but now Samsung has made an attempt to cater to the mid-tier customers who are more than happy to have a phone that fits into their hands. The Samsung S3 Mini comes with a 4- inch Super Amoled VVVGA resolution screen.

The actual screen size of the Mini is 4.8 inches.

It weights 111.5 grams.

Samsung also said that the screen is curved in design and not sharp at edges. The S3 Mini is totally identical to its original version the S3. Going by the rumors for now we can be assured that we can see the S3 Mini in white color until Samsung makes any further announcements.


Samsung Galaxy S3 features a 1GB quad core processor, but the S3 mini has a different processor embedded in it. The S3 mini comes with a 1 GB dual core processor.


Samsung has downgraded the rear camera in S3 Mini to 5 Megapixels as compared to the 8 Megapixel featured in the Galaxy S3. But, it still has the powerful LED flash that comes with the Galaxy S3. Also,  Galaxy S3 featured a 1.9 Megapixel camera but the S3 Mini has a VGA camera.

Software Featured

The Samsung S3 Mini has been provided with the latest OS in the Android basket which is the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version. Samsung has always given its latest phones the best possible softwares and thus created some masterpieces.  There are loads of softwares that come with this smartphone. One of these features are the S Beam which is Samsung’s version of the Android beam which uses NFC to bump two phones for sharing data. Samsung has retained the feature where the screen stays lit as long as we keep starting into it.


If sources are to be believed then the Samsung S3 Mini might be priced anywhere between USD 360 to USD 420. This price range will surely draw a lot of demand for this model.

Battery & Connectivity

There is a 1,500 mAh battery provided with this smartphone. This means that we might have to keep the charging the phone more than once daily. There was a 2,100 mAh battery featured in the original S3 model. There are other features such as NFC and Bluetooth 4.0.

Memory Capacity

For now Samsung is providing the S3 Mini in 8GB or 16GB versions which can be expanded upto 32GB.


Despite having lost the patent rights to Apple recently, Samsung has come out as a winner as it has sold more phones than any other major phone manufacturers worldwide. Samsung has successfully made this launch and hopes to continue to have the large market share that it has slowly gained.

The S3 Mini comes with lots of expectations that have been set by its original model the Galaxy S3. Only time will tell if the Mini stands upto the standards set by its predecessor.


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