Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating or getting very hot porblem – Solution

Samsung Galaxy S4 apart from its high end specifications and many good features has some problems associated with it as well like the Slow Battery charging, fast draining of battery and another major problem which many users have encountered is the Overheating or users complaining that the Phone is getting very Hot near the Ear piece when talking or putting Galaxy S4 on charging.

Many Galaxy S4 users have complained about the

  • Area surrounding the Ear piece is getting very hot while talking on the phone for 10 minutes or more
  • Another heating problem is the Battery Area of the phone which is the back panel getting heated up when the phone is put for charging.
  • Overheating of the phone while seeing Videos either on Youtube or the ones stored in phone memory.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 overheating problem solution

Here are some possible Solution to the Overheating problem in Galaxy S4:

First ting to do is to check with your Service provider or Dealer from where you got your phone and if there is an option to send your phone to get it repaired or replaced under warranty. If yes then you can easily get your phone replaced by wither Sending the phone to them through Mail or personally handing over at the service center.

If your new phone also has the same problem then you can try the below given tutorial which had solved the Overheating problem in most of the users.

Put your Galaxy S4 in CPU power saving mode:

This is the most common solution which helped many users solve their Ear piece Overheating problem while talking on the Phone.

1. Go to Settings

2. Go to My Device tab in the list of options seen

3. Now you see the Power Saving Mode which has to be Enabled

4. Then click on the Power saving mode tab which will open a new page

Under the 3 options seen here:

  1. CPU Power Saving: Limit the maximum performance of the CPU
  2. Screen power saving: Use low power level for screen
  3. Turn off haptic feedback: Turning off haptic feedback can extend battery life

5. Click on the CPU Power saving tab and you will activate it.

Put Galaxy S4 in Airplane mode:

This solution is useful in case your phone is getting heated up when you are Charging it. In such case you have to put your Galaxy s4 in Airplane Mode while you plugin the device for charging as the phone tries to charge and the battery is being used up in searching for Network of WiFi signals and when both are done at the same time this heating problem occurs in some devices. This problem is seen mostly in Hot climates.

Remove the Back Panel while Charging:

In case you are facing the Overheating problem while Charging, you can try to remove the Back panel and put the phone on its face which means the Battery side facing upwards to help in decreasing the Overheating of Battery while charging.

These are the simple tricks which we found useful in controlling or solving the Overheating problem in Galaxy S4 and if you still cannot solve the problem and the heating problem is not coming under control you should contact your service provider or Dealer from where you bought your device and ask for an Exchange.


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