Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Charging problem Solution

Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 active are the latest top end smartphones from Samsung with some amazing features but there have been some problems with the Charging of Galaxy S4 and S4 Active.

The following problems were submitted by users:

  • Slow Battery Charging of Galaxy S4 and S4 Active
  • Fast Battery Drain of Galaxy S4 and S4 Active
  • Overheating and discharge of Battery on Multitasking

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 Active for some users is taking many hours to charge before getting to 100% Full charge and many times it is being discharged rapidly on use. Mentioned below are some of the reasons for the problems and the solutions to the battery charging problems.Samsung Galaxy S4 active charging and battery draining problem

Solutions for Slow Battery Charging and Fast battery discharge in Galaxy S4:

Solution 1:  Use only the Original Samsung Charger and Connecting USB wire and in case a duplicate charger or wire are used it is the main reason for slow charging of your Samsung S4 device and also Fast Battery discharge.

Solution 2:  Problems with connecting wires of Samsung Charger and USB wire can also be an issue of Slow charging of your device. So connecting the USB wire with Charger properly will solve the problem.

Solution 3: Use a charger with similar AC and DC and see if that makes a difference. You can check the charging rate via Settings > Battery where it will say “Charging (AC)” or “Charging (USB)”. Make a note that Cahrging with USB is much slower.

Solution 4:  A lot of Apps running in the Background or the Screen staying awake without turning off can also cause faster draining of the Battery so you should turn off the Stay Awake option from: Go to Settings > More > Developer options and un-check Stay awake.

Solution 5:  Use Apps which Force-shut Background Apps and prevent draining your battery continuously without your knowledge. There are some apps “AppMgr II” or Go to Task manager -> Active Applications -> and Click End All. You should also do Go to Task manager -> RAM Manager -> Clear Memory


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