Samsung and Microsoft partnership brings pre installed apps on Galaxy S6

Samsung and Microsoft have recently entered into a partnership and this has led to Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge getting pre installed Microsoft apps in the devices. There is news that the partnership is going to proceed further and Microsoft apps will come preinstalled in many other Samsung devices like Smartphones and tablets in the near future.

As of now in the devices Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge the apps like OneNote, OneDrive and Skype are coming preinstalled and in the future apps like Word Excel, PowerPoint and above mentioned three apps will be coming in Samsung devices. For the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge come with 100GB of free additional storage on OneDrive for a duration of two years.

For the KNOX Business pack for Business customers Samsung will pack three versions of Microsoft office 365 which include Business, Business premium and Enterprise versions. The Microsoft apps like Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc can be a great addition to mainly devices like the Tablets and Note series which are capable of working on these files efficiently because of the larger screen size.

With this partnership it is going to be a good deal for both the companies as the Samsung Tablet users will be getting official Microsoft apps pre installed which can be very useful and for Microsoft the user base for their products will be increased drastically because of the market share which Samsung has in the smartphone and tablet industry.

Let us hope that the partnership will extend to more than just Apps and we can see some high end smartphones and tablets running on Windows from Samsung. The aprtnership of the two Giants one from the software side and the other from the Hardware side is going to be interesting to keep a look on.

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