Reliance Jio Monsoon Offer after July 15th 2017 – FAQ and Doubts

With a user base of over 100 million users, Reliance Jio is one of the largest Telecom network in India making a mark with their market disrupting offers and free calls offer. After giving many months of free data and calls, Reliance Jio started charging for Prepaid and Postpaid usage giving attractive plans ranging from 1 day to 390 days staring from as low as Rs. 19 to Rs. 9,999. The plans which were offered was termed as Jio Summer Surprise Offer which will be ending on July 15th for users who have recharged on the first day.

Reliance Jio Monsoon offer 2017 doubts and questions

  • We are getting this question a lot – What after July 15th 2017 ??
  • Will the Jio Summer Surprise Offer be continued ?
  • Do we have to recharge with the same amount as we did in Summer Surprise Offer ?

Reliance has announced new Plans for the Monsoon season and have aptly named it as Jio Monsoon offer which come with similar priced Packs but with increased validity as compared to earlier. So let us look at what are the Prepaid plans available in Reliance Jio under Monsoon offer.

We will be sharing the most useful plans under Jio Monsoon offer which are value for money and practical for every consumer. Note: Plans start form as low as Rs. 19 and go all the way up to Rs. 9,999 which are totally useless for common consumers as you and me.

Jio Monsoon Offer – Rs. 149 Pack / Plan: This is a plan for consumers who do not need much Data but are in for the free local / STD calls along with free roaming and unlimited SMS. You get 2GB of 4G Data for 1 month (earlier it was 700 Mb) which can be sufficient for someone who has WiFi connections are Home and office. Duration of the plan is for 28 days.

Jio Monsoon Offer – Rs. 309 Pack / Plan: This a very useful plan for every user which gives 1 GB/day 4G Data for a period of 56 days or two billing cycles. It calculates to 56 GB of 4G data with a 1 GB cap per day for 4G speeds after which you get 128 kbps speeds. Earlier the Rs. 309 plan was for 28 days which has now been increased to 56 days.

Jio Monsoon Offer – Rs. 349 Pack / Plan: This is a completely new plan or pack introduced in the Monsoon offer which was not seen in the Summer surprise offer. There no Daily data limit as seen in other packs, but you get 20GB of 4G data with a validity of 56 days which can be used as you wish (For ex. you can use 20GB of data on a single day at 4G speeds). All the other offers are similar – Free local and STD calls, roaming and SMS. This plan is for someone who do not use data on a daily basis.

Jio Monsoon Offer – Rs. 399 Pack / Plan: It comes with similar Data (1GB / day 4G data) and free calls and SMS similar to the 309 plan but the Duration is increased to 3 billing cycles or 84 days which translates to 84GB of 4G data. This is the best plan or pack of the lot which gives you close to 3 months of validity with 1GB data per day and a total of 84GB data and free calls and SMS.

Jio Monsoon Offer – Rs. 509 Pack / Plan: This is for heavy Data users as it comes with a daily limit of 2GB / day of 4G speeds and has a validity of 2 billing cycles or 56 days. The total data given is 112 GB.

The other packs are Rs. 999, Rs. 1,999 (validity 90 days), Rs. 4,999 (validity 120 days) and Rs. 9,999 (validity 390 days). You can check the complete details of Reliance Jio Monsoon Offer 2017 on their official site.

Postpaid Plans for Reliance Jio Monsoon OfferRs. 309 (2 months validity, 60 GB data at 1GB/day), Rs. 349 (2 months validity, 10 + 10 GB, with no daily limit), Rs. 399 (3 months validity. 90GB data with 1GB / day 4G speeds), Rs. 509 (2 months validity, 2GB / day 4G speeds total of 120GB), Rs. 999 (2 months validity, 90 GB data without any daily limit)

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