Redmi 1S v45 OTA update rolls out to fix Heating issues for India

Redmi 1S has got the latest update called the v45 OTA update which is specifically for Indian users to help fix the heating issues and also some improvements in RAM performance which will explained later. Xiaomi has said that it has received a lot of feedback or I must say complaints from users about the heating issue which almost every Redmi 1S user is facing.Redmi 1s software update to solve battery heating problem

Because of the heating issue there is also decrease in the battery life of Redmi 1S which was noted by many users, many users have complained of the phone getting so hot that it is difficult to hold it. Xiaomi has introduced the following changes with its new update.

  1. Added thermal control to prevent the device from heating with the help of improved thermal control algorithm to regulate temperature.
  2. the latest update also has optimized RAM usage to prevent background apps from getting killed
  3. And in view of the recent leaks from cloud servers like dropbox and Snapchat it has improved the security of cloud messaging

With the new entry into the Redmi series which is the Redmi Note coming out in the near future in India this is a welcome change for users to decrease the heating issue which was the major negative point for the amazing Redmi 1S device. So if this update works and the heating issue is solved and the customers are satisfied the Redmi Note will also see a lot of buyers.

The latest update is termed as  MIUI JHCMIBH45.0 update and its is size is 515MB which can be downloaded over the air but make sure that you do it over Wifi and not over mobile network after backing up all your important data.

Complete details of the update is mentioned by Hugo barra form his account in MIUI Forum he also mentioned that there is some device specifications for the processor and battery were not correctly represented on Flipkart, which was mentioned here.

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