Most Common problems or Issues with Yu Yureka Users

The Yureka smartphone which is produced by Yu a system company of Micromax whose first smartphone was the Yu Yureka and recently launched the Yu Yuphoria. The Yureka is one of the most anticipated devices because of the features which are being offered for the price compared to the competitors. This device came at a time when the Motorola, Asus, Lenovo and Xiaomi were battling out in the Budget category. The company has got a lot of sales of the Yu Yureka and are still going strong but there have been many issues reported by users of the Yureka which is becoming worse because of the lack of proper Service and Support provided by the company.

Let’s look at all the problems or Issues which are being faced by the users:

Heating Issue of YU Yureka:

This has been a problem which was being expected even before the launch of the device because of the presence of the first generation Snapdragon 615 processor which is said to heat up quite a bit on making the phone work. Almost all the users have this complaint which they are facing while palying a Game or while watching a high definition movie.

The heating up is not helping the back panel as well which is made of plastic and turning very hot too, The presence of a powerful processor to make the device work without lag but with the heating issue the users are not able to utilize the full power of the device.

Micromax Yu Yureka common problems and issues faced

Restarting issues of Yu Yureka:

This problem has been reported by many users who are facing random restarts of the device the reason for which is not sure. Some theories are that because of excessive heating up of the device the CPU is forced to Turn off the device to cool down which can be true as some users complained that the device turned off even when it was not being used. There are other theories which say that there might be a bug in the App which was being used while the device restarted or the OS itself. Only YU can know for sure the cause of the Restarting issue and hope the next update solves this problem.

Yureka Screen goes black or blank during calls:

This is an Error which is being caused by the faulty proximity sensors which are not able to detect when the phone is put near the ear and when it is moved away and it is not able to turn on the display which is making the display go black or blank on making calls. This was seen mostly in conditions like low lighting and when there was a long call.

This error is making it difficult for the users to cut the call themselves or take up some notes or turn on the speaker phone while on a call, and you have to wait for the caller on the other end to cut the call. There was recently an update which was said to solve the in call black out error caused by the problem with proximity error which worked for some but still there are complaints by many coming in.

Slow Charging and Fast Battery Drain issue with Yu Yureka:

One the most troublesome issue after the call black out is this, the presence of a powerful processor added to a decent display with the huge display size leads to the battery drain which we are seeing in many devices. But not just with battery draining but also during charging the process is taking ages in some and one user complained that it took 1 hour for the battery percentage to go from 99% to 100%.

The battery drain also is seen often where there is a sudden drop in the battery percentage. This sometimes happens all of a sudden and the device turns off automatically. This can be quite irritating when you are in the middle of a call or when it turns of when it is needed.

Bad Loudspeaker and mic performance:

The Sound output from the loudspeaker is comparatively low and when the device volume is turned high the quality of the sound is drastically lowered. This seriously gives the feel of the China Phones which flooded out markets some years back having terrible loudspeakers.

Coming to the Ear piece there are complains that the speaker stops working in the middle of calls and will start working after cutting the call and making another call. The loudspeaker had stopped working in users and the device had to be restarted to make it work again.

Non Existent Customer Service and Support by YU:

With so many problems being faced by users the first thing any new company needs to concentrate upon in such a competitive market is the presence of good or atleast decent Service and Support. But in case of YU this is virtually non existent. Most of the times the Customer care number is Busy and if you are lucky you are connected to the Customer care executive who always seemed to be as clueless about the solution or fix to the problem you are facing as you are.

There is another way of registering your complaint and that is through mail. Which is similar to sending a post card which might get a faster response but not from YU. There needs to be some serious look into the Service and Support staff by YU to make sure that they can persist in this competitive market.

There seem to be a lot of problems with every device but there are some major issues which need to be taken care of in YU Yureka and some minor ones can be ignored. The customer support seems to be underpowered and might not have expected the amount of queries they are getting about the heating issues etc which is out of their hands to solve through Support. This is a great device being offered for such a low price and if YU can solve some of the major issues then it will be a satisfactory experience for the thousands of buyers of the YU Yureka.

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