Plants vs Zombies 2 restricted to iOS and iPhone, iPod, iPad

Plants vs Zombies which is the most successful game created by Pop Cap is now owned by EA Games and this is what makes the much anticipated sequel Plants vs Zombies 2 which is in the future where the guy takes a strange truck taking him into the future.

The App is going to be release on June 18th 2013, this is the first time i think we are waiting for a App Game sequel and the bad news is that it is just being released in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only, so Android and PC, Mac owners should wait a little longer don’t know how long to get the sequel on their devices.

EA games has taken it to another low by giving the App for free but as we all know there will be many micro-transactions which have to be done to play the game really for Free. And the Game Plants vs Zombies which is present in all platforms including PC and Mac along with Andorid is really annoying to see the sequel restricted only to iOS, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only. Here is a Official Video of the new App.

Plants vs Zombies 2 is going to be a very interesting and lets see what new Plants are introduces and Zombie types being introduced in the sequel. I would really like if the App is released in other platforms as well by EA fast.

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