How to Schedule messages in WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp is the top Instant Messaging App currently and the user base is growing at an exponential pace with the number crossing 1 billion users monthly. The user friendly features and the interface are what make WhatsApp so popular. There are many useful and handy features which make it the most desirable Instant Messaging App

WhatsApp for Windows users gets Calling feature in version 2.12.60

Voice calling was introduced in other platforms a long time ago approximately a year ago in WhatsApp but was not introduced in Windows devices and there is good news for the users as the calling feature is available in its full version after coming in a private beta version. So there it is now you

How to Change WhatsApp Calling Ringtone in Android devices

WhatsApp calling has made a huge difference in the telecom industry which has made the network providers worried. The new features in WhatsApp the VoIP calling is being used profusely by many users be it young or old as this is saving them a lot of money in the form of calling balance. This feature

How to Back up WhatsApp Chat History on Google Drive

WhatsApp is the most used and most popular messenger application out there with millions of users and after its take over by Facebook there are constant upgrades and updates being given out to users, the most recent upgrade was the inclusion of the feature where you can backup all the Whatsapp chat history in your

WhatsApp could soon back up your data into Google Drive to Restore it easily

WhatsApp which already has the feature of letting you to Back up all the Chat data and Restore it into a new device or after updating your device, which was a bit complicated and not easy for all the users to get  a hang of. So now WhatsApp are now looking at a simpler and

Download and Install WhatsApp Version 2.12.7 (2.19.301), APK to activate WhatsApp Calling- Audio and Video calling

WhatsApp calling has been activated with the update by of the app some time back but some users are still facing an issue in activating WhatsApp calling option in their Android devices. The Calling feature was activated from the version 2.11.552 and the next version 2.11.561 and now there has been another update by WhatsApp

How to activate WhatsApp calling feature in Android device

WhatsApp calling is the latest feature which has everyone happy with the popular messaging app including it and this was brought to all users with the help of an update WhatsApp 2.11.561. Users who were not getting the WhatApp calling feature was due to the fact that the app was just updated from the older

How to Disable or Avoid Blue tick marks in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has recently released an update which is a minor update but is bringing on a lot of response from users which is the Blue tick marks beside messages, there were tick marks which meant for Audio files but was not noticed by anyone but when the same has been implemented for messages as well

How to hide whatsapp Photos, Videos and Audio files from Gallery in Android devices

Whatsapp the most popular chatting platform at the moment and there are millions of photos being shared everyday and some are personal and some just for fun asn you must be knowing that whether they are private or not all these can be seen in your android phone Gallery App in the Whatsapp folder. So

How to change Whatsapp background wallpaper for chat window in iPhone, Windows and Android

WhatsApp is the primary mode of communication these days between young and old people alike with many types of groups and chat being available with the option of sharing photos, videos.. etc with everyone is making it the largest chatting platform in the world. So to make your chatting experience more personalized you have the