How to get Cricket Stickers in WhatsApp for Android

With the Cricket season in full swing, thanks to the ongoing IPL 2019 and the upcoming World Cup 2019 in England Cricket fever is on. WhatsApp has introduced a cricket themed sticker pack which includes cricket emojis letting you share your feeling and emotions in this cricket season using stickers. At the moment the stickers

How to Mute WhatsApp Chat Notifications and Calls

If you are part o multiple WhatsApp Groups – family, friends, office etc then you must be at the receiving end of a barge of messages everyday starting from Good morning messages in the morning to Good Night messages at night. It is particularly irritating when you receive some important meeting and your phone starts

How to change WhatsApp message Sound and Call Ringtone

Are lookig to have customized Message and Call Ringtones for WhatsApp message and WhatsApp Call, here we will be showing you simple steps to change or customize WhatsApp message or Call notifications ringtones. By default when you receive a Call or Message in WhatsApp, the ringtone which you have set for your device SMS and

How to change Font size in WhatsApp for Android and iOS

WhatsApp is the largest Instant Messaging platform with more than a Billion users and with its latest inclusion of Video calling it has even dented other Video calling services like Skype of users who find it easier to call as it is linked to users phone numbers. WhatsApp has given users the option to change

How to use Swipe to Reply feature in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature in their latest update, “Swipe to Reply” which lets users to reply to a message in the chat faster and easier. Earlier you needed to press and hold the message you wanted to reply to and then tap on the Reply option on the top of the screen but

How to Check live Train PNR Status on WhatsApp – Indian Railways

Indian Railways has partnered with MakeMyTrip to provide passengers Live train status update on WhatsApp. With WhatsApp being the most popular Instant messaging platform having millions of users in India, it is a very unique and a very useful option to get Live Train status. With this feature, Passengers can get updates like – train

How to hide WhatsApp Messages Preview on iPhone

WhatsApp has become the go to messaging application for users across the globe, by being free and providing all the required features which are needed to communicate like, Voice calling, Video calling, share Videos, photos and GIF’s it has replaced SMS and even to an extent Skype for these purposes. With the addition of  groups

How to Activate and Use two WhatsApp accounts on OnePlus 6 using Parallel Apps feature

With the launch of OnePlus 6 back in May earlier this year, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has upped the Flagship smartphone game with amazing specs for the price which comes with the latest and most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset coupled with 6GB or 8GB of RAM along with storage up to 256GB. OnePlus 6

How to make WhatsApp Group Video Calls in Android devices – Steps

WhatsApp under Facebook has been trying to introduce new features to help maintain its position in the Instant messaging market and one such feature is the introduction of Group Video call and Group Audio call option. Earlier you could make Video and Audio calls to one a single user and with the introduction of Group

How to hide WhatsApp Photos and Videos from Phone Gallery

With an increase in the number of Groups in WhatsApp (P.S: Family groups which we cannot get out of) the number of images and videos being sent right from Good morning Photos, Gifs and Videos to Goodnight ones our phones start losing storage space or memory fast. But among all these, there are certain important