Fujitsu turns any Surface into Touch Screen with new Image processing Technology

Fujitsu is making touch screen get to a whole new level by developing a software which can turn any surface into a touchscreen by introducing a new technology called Image Processing technology which doesn’t use any special hardware; it consists of just a device like an ordinary webcam, plus a commercial projector. Its capabilities are

Best Zombie Games for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets

Zombie Games, Tv shows and Movies have always got a lot of credit and Zombie games are an instant hit in every type of Gaming platform. And in Android too there are thousands of Zombie related games in Google Play Store. But i am listing out only Top 6 of the Best Zombie games which

What is new in Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 the latest in the Galaxy series was launched on March 14th with an array of new features compared to the Galaxy S3 and to be in the competition Samsung has brought in many new features. We are going to show you note worthy and unique features of Samsung Galsxy S4 and not

How to Tag a Friend or Page with Different Name or Text in Facebook Status updates

Facebook being the leading social networking site in the internet has increased its potential from being a hangout to becoming a very important part of peoples life, and here is a thing which everyone would like to do, be it just to troll someone or for bloggers and advertisers who use Facebook as an advertising

MTV Volt – Why MTV has released a Phablet

MTV the youth brand association is trying to make its mark in the mobile and tablet industry by releasing a 6-inch device which it calls as “Phablet”. MTV has joined hands with Swipe Telecom to produce and release this 6 inch device. They are naming this device as Phablet as they say that the device

Top 6 Reverse Image Search Engines to let you know what the image is about

Reverse Image search Engines has made it very easy way to help us find out details about images or get list of similar images. In some cases it helps to identify personal and professional images when you are a Photographer or a Blogger who use their own unique images online for business and do not

Intel i7 3970x Extreme Processor

  Intel has been continously improving its processors as the demand for high performance is increasing. The latest offer from Intel is the Core i7 3970X Extreme edition processor. It comes with an advanced microarchitecture. It comes with some advanced technologies such as Intel vPro, Intel Hyperthreading technology, and Turbo boost technology amongst others. This processor promises to

Shopping on a Black Friday | How to take advantage of Black Friday deals Nov 2012

Black Friday is a day which is most eagerly looked upon by millions of Americans. There is nothing negative about it as it reflects in the name. It is a very busy day which brings smiles to millions of people. The significance of Black Friday is that it is celebrated on the day after Thanks

Facebook adds Emoji to messages

Social networking giant Facebook has introduced some new updates recently. It has added these graphical images into the messaging bar of facebook. We had to use specific third party apps for using emoji smileys for communication earlier by leaving facebook. But, now we can use these smileys within facebook which makes chats more interesting. This

Facebook adds in-line friend tagging

Facebook have introduced a new feature called In-line tagging. This feature is very cool as it allows you to tag friends or anyone while you are replying or commenting to a post. It helps us to reply the message to any specific person by tagging them. All we need to do is type “@” before