How to Disable Face Tag in Samsung Galaxy Series Phones

Face Tag is an Option in most of the Samsung Smart phones and Tablet devices, Face tag is a feature which is helpful sometimes and i feel annoying most of the times where it does not let you see the images peacefully. So if you are facing the same problem with Face tag in Samsung

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

This is one of the best comparisons today between the most anticipated smartphones of 2013 and supposedly the best phones till date the mighty Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One. Samsung has already released Galaxy S4 for $800 which is considerably on the costlier side but with features like RGB light, Geomagnetic, Proximity, Gyrometer, Barometer,

Google Glass Hacked even before Launch

The much hyped and anticipated Google Glass termed as the wearable computer has already been hacked, with 1 year still to go for its public release. Google Glass was Hacked by some hackers. What does hacking Google Glass mean ? Once the hacker get saccess to your Google Glass can remotely see and hear the

Comparison of Micromax Canvas HD A116 vs Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Micromax Canvas HD belong to whole different in the Aspect of Pricing but in terms of features, micromax is showing that even at cheaper prices the features of Top end mobile phones can be obtained with the help of its Micromax Canvas HD. The Price difference is huge, the difference itself

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy Note 2

Samsung after making the note 2 at 5.5 inches has yet again increased the size of Note 3 to a huge 5.7 inches which is now turning the Phone into a Phablet. The size is mentioned at 5.7 to not give the psychological feeling of 6 inches, but i must say Note 3 is very

How to Stop “Seen” option in Chat platforms online like Facebook

Facebook is not only the biggest Social networking site but the most used Chatting service at the moment with the most number of users using the chat option. Facebook has recently introduced a new option in Chat which lets the opposite user know when you view the message by giving “Seen at – time” under

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 vs Galaxy Grand

Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 are the new large sized smartphones from Samsung. Samsung has been constantly increasing the size of their smartphones starting from Samsung Galaxy S and now it has come to Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 inch. Here we are comparing Galaxy Grand which is 5 inches and Galaxy Mega

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Samsung Galaxy Note is a very good comparison because of the slight difference between the 2 smart phones, there is a very slight difference in the features but a very huge price gap between the two. The Display size in Not is slightly bigger with better resolution, touch screen is different

Differences between Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Galaxy S 3

Samsung Galaxy Grand the latest 5 inch smartphone from Samsung in comparison with a slightly higher end smartphone with greater resolution superior screen but a smaller size etc. The price difference is very big between the two phones and here are the differences between the 2 largest selling smartphones from Samsung.

How to check Sites linking to your Website

To have a good Ranking Website you need to have good number of Back Links which are the Incoming links. The more the number of Back links to your website the better is the search engine rankings and Page Rank. So many SEO experts and tutorials tell you that having good number and Quality Back