How to Set Whats App Profile Pictures without Cropping

Whats app the biggest Messaging App with the largest number of user around the world we have many tutorials listed for you in our blog for Whats app. This was one of the Question asked by one of our Readers asking how he can disable Crop for Profile Picture in  Whats App. There is no

How to install and Use Whats App in PC or Laptop

Whats App the most popular messaging service with billions of messages being sent and received has totally decreased the way Text messaging is done. Whats App provides you with mobile to mobile text messaging, sharing multimedia files between mobiles and Group messaging. What’s App has a disadvantage of not being available for download in all

How to Lock What’s App in Android Smartphones or Tablets

Whats App which is at its peak with more that 20 billion messages being sent each day we must say has overtook the messaging service and putting a big dent to the Service providers by replacing Text messaging. With this massive number of messages being sent and received daily the number of users of Whats

How to Save Friends Profile Picture in Whats App

Every person these days is using whats app which has replaced Messaging because of its increasing Rates, this app is available in all Operating Systems present like Android, iOS, BB, Windows. So there have been many doubts by people who were wondering if they can save the profile pictures of their friends from Whats App.

How to Remove or Disable the Last Seen Status in Whats App in Android and Apple

Whats App from its introduction into the Smartphone market has replaced SMS messaging because people are fed up with the increasing rates by the Service Providers. Whats app provides free messaging multimedia, photos, videos etc for free with just an internet connection which makes it very easy and soft on your pocket. There has been