How to Install OxygenOS 1.01 update to fix Touch screen issues in OnePlus One

Many users of OnePlus One have been complaining about touch screen issues in their devices who had Oxygen OS in their devices. Those who were on Cyanogen OS had got an update recently which fixed the touch screen sensitivity error for OnePlus One and following suite there is now an update for the Oxygen OS named the Version 1.01 which is said to fix the touch screen problems.

The latest firmware of the OxygenOS 1.01 can be downloaded from their Online forum – OxygenOS 1.01

OnePlus One Oxygen OS 1.01 update to fix touch screen issue

There is a software which has been developed called the migration tool to help migrate their OnePlus One smartphone from Cyanogen OS into OxygenOS without losing any stored data within the device.

The tool is said to be in its Beta stage and there will be some problems with the installation. To use the tool you need to have the .Net 4.5 framework installed in Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer. The Oxygen OS 1.01 patch should be downloaded and saved in your device which will be used by this tool.

  • Unzip the tool
  • Go to the Settings menu in their OnePlus One
  • And go to the Developer options to uncheck the Update CM Recovery option
  • Now plug your OnePlus One device to your Laptop or PC.
  • Run the OnePlusOneMigration.exe software
  • Now accept and follow all the prompts which appear
  • Now you can migrate to Oxygen OS from Cyanogen OS.

Earlier it was very complicated procedure to migrate from Cyanogen OS to OxygenOS but now with the help of this software you can easily migrate your OnePlus One. Many users who have updated to the latest Oxygen OS has said that the Touchscreen issues have been fixed with this latest update. The details about the tool was mentioned by XDA and Fastboot Mobile groups.

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