OnePlus Gaming Triggers launched in India at Rs. 1099

OnePlus Gaming Triggers which were teased last month during the launch of OnePlus 9R has been launched in India under their accessories section. The Gaming triggers are targeted at Multiplayer games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Free Fire, etc. The Gaming triggers are equipped to improve gaming response and making it easier for players to react quickly which gives you an edge over other players. The Gaming Triggers function by interacting with your smartphones display through capacitive conduction making the response time fast.

The switches used in OnePlus Gaming Trigger are Omron switches which are known to provide better tactile feedback about the action sequences happening in game. Being independent to each other these Triggers can be used in any device of any size and running on any OS – Android OS or iOS. The company says that these can be used on smartphones which are equipped with screen protectors and protective cases as well. The maximum thickness of the device required is 11.5mm for fixing the Gaming Triggers. It means that the thickness of the smartphone with or without screen guard and Protective case should not exceed 11.5mm in thickness.

Being independent of each other the triggers can be used on either on the left or right side of the device. According to the company “Due to high touch sensitivity of some mobile phone displays, false touch may occur during use of the triggers. It is recommended to install the triggers, turn the screen off and back on again before every use (session). In the event that the triggers are still unable to elicit any input response, please retry by turning the screen off and back on again.

While the company has mentioned in the presentation that use of screen protectors etc. does not hamper the performance, in their website under Notes, it is mentioned that “The use of screen protectors may affect touch sensitivity of mobile phone displays, potentially leading to performance inconsistency and malfunctions when using the triggers”. OnePlus has mentioned in their website that the Triggers are not compatible with the following smartphones – Smartisan 3, Meizu 15, Meizu 15 Plus, OPPO A8, Lenovo Z5, VIVO Y81S, it is also mentioned that other devices maybe added as an when testing is done.

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