How to Fix One Plus One – Touch Screen Issues

One Plus One (OPO) is the first phone from the China based company One Plus founded in December 2013. They have started selling the phone in India since December 2014 via They have made quite a name in the past 6 months and it is arguably one of the best phones within the price range of 25K Indian rupees.


But along with the reputation OPO has made it is also haunted with the complains about issues like Yellow tint, Ghost touches and Touch screen issues.

While the yellow tint issues seems to get resolved by exposing the screen to UV light (that is placing the phone in sunlight), the screen issues are a more major concern. Whether the touch issue is due to hardware or a software issue is a topic of debate among the OPO users.
Though there is no confirmed root cause and the fix available on the net, here are some basic steps you can carry out to narrow down the issue.

When ever you face any touch screen issues, restart your phone and check if it is still occurring. Even if you are stuck on the lock screen such as the pattern lock and the screen is unresponsive, you can restart your phone by holding the power button and clicking on the reboot option (might take a few tries).

OPO - Reboot
If the issue is still occurring after restart it might very well be a hardware issue and you have to get support from a service center (good luck getting in touch with one).

If the touch seems to have improved the issue might be more on the software side (that’s actually good news). Install applications such as “Multi-touch test” and check the touch responsiveness off the phone. if you don’t see lag and all the touches are being captured, you can confirm that it is a software issue.

OPO - Display

Now navigate to the setting and disable all the gestures on the phone. Yes, the Cyanogen OS gives a lot of gesture shortcuts to open the camera, flashlight etc. Disabling these gestures seems to have rectified the touch issues for a number of users.

OPO - Gestures

Path :
Settings  –> Gestures –> Disable all the gestures
Settings –> Display & lights –> Disable Double-tap to wake and Double-tap to sleep
Re-start your device and check if this has rectified the issue.

The last resort would be to reset your phone to factory settings and hope that the issue gets resolved.

Path :
Settings –> Backup & reset –> Factory data reset
Note : Don’t forget to back up your data before executing this option as it will wipe off all the personal data on your phone.

The above stated method was a very novice way to fix the touch related issues in OPO and there exists others ways such as flashing your phone to try and rectify the issue. A noob level tutorial on flashing the OPO will be posted soon.

Please leave in comments if the fix stated above has helped you or do suggest other ways to solve the dreadful touch issues in OPO. With the OnePlus Two also shortly releasing OnePlus has to rectify some of its issues and hope that these wont be repeated in the coming device which is carrying a lot of expectations on its shoulders even before its launch.

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