Download 15 Nexus 2016 Wallpapers in Full Resolution

Stock Wallpapers are always the best and with Google, it has always been about being minimalistic when it comes to the Nexus phones. And as we can expect Nexus 2016 wallpapers are out and they are as expected up to the mark reaching expectations. With an array or rumors surrounding the latest line up of Nexus devices doing rounds, the Wallpapers have been leaked although there is no sure leak about the devices which are codenamed as Sailfish and Marlin.

Both the devices are named after marine life and the wallpapers also seem to have a certain element of aquatic touch to it. The Nexus 2016 Wallpapers carry the same minimalist and abstract design element from the earlier wallpapers. Along with the Wallpapers, the latest Nexus Launcher has also been launched which seems to be missing the App drawer which is quite a big change.

Download Nexus 2016 wallpapers in full resolution

It is being said that the upcoming wallpapers will be not only good to look at but will be functional as well. Nothing much was revealed to explain what function exactly meant but we are expecting it to be coming with features like sticky notes, weather updates, picture gallery or news updates inbuilt. There seem to be many new features being builtin the new Nexus 2016 Launcher which was leaked today giving the Nexus lineup a completely new and upgraded look and feel.

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Along with the marine life inspired minimalist wallpapers, the Nexus 2016 set come with Nature photos from a bird’s eye view which is pretty interesting. With the new and upgraded Google launcher along with these new wallpapers have surely made the 2016 Nexus lineup even more interesting, if you are looking to make your device look new and have a refreshed look you can try out these wallpapers. Download the full-size wallpapers from here – Nexus 2016 Wallpapers and let us know which wallpaper you loved the most from the list.

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