Motorola Moto 360 watch having Wireless charging and many more

Motorola Moto 360 has gathered a lot of attention recently mainly because of its design and the features which might be induced into this device which will be running on Android Wear OS. Motorola Moto 360 will be having a great user interface and also with the help of Google Now along with Android Wear users can get a greater experience in using this device.

There are two other wearable devices running on Android Wear which are Samsung Gear Live and LG G watch which are having similar designs which is Square or Rectangular designs. There are some hands on images from Mister Gadget who shows what the new Moto G really looks like from a users view.

Motorola Moto 360 wireless charging with dock

Another main feature which we can see from the images is that there is no charging points in the back of the device, we can see that Moto 360 will be charged with wireless charging. The back of the device has a stainless steel back which looks premium and there is some text written on the back with the help of a sticker.

It shows Wireless charging, Pedometer, Heartrate sensor, Water Resistant IP67and stainless steek written on the back of the device. From the images seen here the strap of the device does not look a lot premium but looks like cheap rubber from the images. We cannot be sure until we get our hands on the device. The wrist band is changeable which is good.

The device which is being shown in the images by Lucas of Mister gadget says that the battery lasts for a good 2.5 days on decent usage. The launch of the device which is set in late 2014 is getting a lot of attention and many people are waiting for its release and the pricing too should be optimum for gathering a lot of user base around the world.

With Google hinting at getting into making Car friendly apps the Moto 360 with the help of Google Now can help you in controlling your Car by controlling the Audio, Call, Lock and Unlock ..etc features directly from your Smartwatch.

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