Moto X 2nd Gen to be available in Flipkart from 24th Midnight for Rs. 31,999

The Moto X 2nd Gen or he X+1 which it was called earlier is being made available on Flipkart from 24th midnight for purchase. The number of devices which will be available for sale is not mentioned and looking at the price of the device i do not think there will be a problem of flash sale and the stock running out. It is available on Flipkart for Rs. 31,999.

Moto X 2nd gen available for sale on Flipkart
The new Moto X or the 2nd Gen Moto X sports a Full HD 5.2 inch display which is protected by a Coroning Gorilla Glass Screen to protect it from physical damage like scratches etc. The device which had a trademark wodden type panel on the back is having a custom back panel this time too with a wood panela nd black leather feel panel along with many other options to choose from.

The new Moto X runs on a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor which is better compared to the 1.7 GHz processor of the earlier model. The RAM is 2GB and will be available in the 16GB and 32 GB models like the previous models. The primary camera or the Rear camera on the device is a 13MP and comes with a dual LED Ring flash which will help in eliminating the dark areas in the photograph without being too bright on the photo. The front camera is a 2MP one which would have been better if it was 5MP one seeing the increased popularity to selfies and many top end phones sporting a 5MP one. But there is one feature for the Selfie enthusiasts where you have to name the smartphone and give a command “hey take a selfie” and the front cam automatically turns on and you can capture a selfie.

Video Recording can be done at Ultra HD 4k recording which is impressive for a smarpthone. There are some innovative software upgrades for the camera App one of which is the Best shot option in which multiple photos are captured and you can select the best of the lot.

The Bamboo White and the Black Leather models are available for Rs. 33,999 and the Black model is avialable for Rs. 31,999.

There are other Motorola pre installed options like the Moto Migrate, Moto Assist and Moto Alert which we will be explaining in detail and how to use them to easily switch to new smartphones without worrying anout contacts transfer etc.

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