Microsoft reveals three new Dual Power banks

Microsoft has entered the Power bank segment by announcing their latest set of powerbanks which include three ranges starting with the 5200 mAh and the middle range one having 9000 mAh capacity and the 12000 mAh Power bank having the highest capacity.

The Powerbanks are named as Portable Dual Power Banks with the name Dual coming from the feature of Dual USB ports which can help in charging two mobile phones at the same time. The Power Banks are having a very minimalistic design with a single Power Button and four Lights which indicate the amount of power left.

Microsoft portable daul power banks with 5200 9000 and 12000 mah capacities announced

Microsoft has announced that the Power bank will retain almost 80% of its power even after 3 months of storage without use. The company also introduced a featured called “Daisy Chain” which will let you charge the power bank and also allow endurance to the device simultaneously.

The three capacities of Power Banks announced are the DC-32 5200mAh, DC-33 9000 mAh and DC-34 12000mAh. These power banks also come with a AC-60 wall charger which an output of 1.5A which can charge DC-32 or the 5200mAh power bank in 160 minutes, DC-33 or the 9000mAh power bank in 280 minutes, DC-34 or the 12000mAh power bank in 380 minutes which is pretty quick compared to other power banks in the market with similar functionality. The other Power banks are not supplied with their own wall charger.

Price and Availability of Microsoft Portable Dual Power Banks:

Microsoft announced that these Power banks will be made available in the retail market over the next few weeks. And the pricing of the devices is as follows – 5200mAh at $35, 9000mAh at $45 and 12000mAh at $55. In India these devices are priced at $35 (Rs 2,235 approximately), $45 (Rs 2,870 approximately) and $55 (Rs 3,512 approximately) respectively which is way more than their competitors like the Xiaomi Power Banks where even the 16000 mAh power bank is cheaper than the 5200 mAh power bank from Microsoft.

The pricing of the devices looks a bit on the higher side compared to the competition which are all branded as well – Best Branded Power Banks under Rs. 1500. With the brand name of Microsoft attached to them and the features which are being offered there is going to be some good competition in the power banks segment as well.

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