Micromax to launch Xiaomi Mi 3 competitor with similar specifications

Micromax was having a great time in India releasing smartphones at half the price of the other big company smartphones at half the price but recently there has been a lot of competition for Micromax with companies like Gionee, Spice and Asus etc and now recently the launch of Xiaomi Mi 3 has put Micromax in the backseat.

So it is rumored that Micromax is going to come up with a device which runs on Snapdragon 800 processor to take on the Xiaomi and will be pricing it even lesser than the Xiaomi Mi 3.

micromax snapdragon 800 device to compete with xiaomi mi 3

Micromax will try very hard to compete with Xiaomi but it is not as big a company as Xiaomi which has its own OS called the MIUI which is very much accepted by the users and the main difference in the devices will come in terms of Display as Xiaomi gets its Display from the same manufacturer as Apple does for its iPhone which we can see in the Xiaomi Mi 3 when you see the crisp display with the awesome viewing angles. So we have to wait and watch how Micromax can counter that.

Comeing to the Specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 3 competitor by Micromax it is said to have almost identical specifications which we can call that it has cloned Mi 3. The specifications rumored are as follows: 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 Chipset with a 5-inch Full HD display supported by 2GB of RAM and powered by 2600 mAh battery which is less compared to the Xiaomi Mi 3 which has  3050 mAh battery. It will be running on Android Kitkat 4.4 and the camera will be a 13 MP rear camera along with a 5 MP front camera which is better compared to the 2MP front camera of the Xiaomi Mi 3.

Micromax is supposedly pricing the device even cheaper than the Xiaomi Mi 3 which will be confirmed only after some official news from the company but the rumors are that the Micromax Snapdragon 800 Xiaomi Mi 3 competitor will be priced at around Rs. 11,999 in the Indian market to take on Xiaomi.

After Google announced the Android One platform in combination with Micromax and Spice in the Indian market we have to see how the manufacturer will be putting their resources into this project as they will be busy with the launch of the Android One running devices with which Google is trying to target the unexplored Rural Indian market.

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